Coronavirus: What happened Monday in Canada and around the world


Bars and restaurants in most parts of the UK have opened indoor services for the first time since the beginning of Monday January, although the British Prime Minister urged people to be cautious in the spread of the more contagious variant of COVID-19.

The latest measures to gradually relax restrictions in the UK also include the reopening of theaters, sports venues and museums, which makes people hope that the economy will soon recover from the catastrophic effects of the pandemic.

But the rapid spread of a variant first discovered in India is eroding optimism about bars and pubs, because people remember how another variant swept the country in December, triggering the third national lockdown in England.

Public health officials and the government are urging people to continue to follow physical distancing and hygiene guidelines, although they say things are different now, as nearly 70% of the adult population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

On Monday, members of the public lined up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the temporary vaccination center at Essa College in Bolton, northwest England. (Oli Scarf/AFP/Getty Images)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a video posted on Twitter: “Please be cautious about the risks faced by your loved ones.” “Remember, close contact such as hugging is a direct method of spreading this disease, so you should consider risk.”

As of Monday, Scotland and Wales will also amend the restrictions, while Northern Ireland will relax the restrictions next week.

The next phase of England’s reopening is scheduled for June 21, when all remaining restrictions will be lifted. Johnson has said that the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases could disrupt these plans.

In the past week, both cases confirmed the rise in new cases and coronavirus-related deaths, although still well below the peaks reported in late December and early January.

According to government statistics, there have been an average of 2,300 new infections every day in the past 7 days, while the peak period in winter is nearly 70,000 cases every day. During the same period, the average daily death toll was only slightly higher than 10, which was lower than the peak of 1820 on January 20.

The UK recorded nearly 128,000 deaths from the coronavirus, the highest number in Europe.

-From the Associated Press and Reuters, the latest update time is 7:50 am EST

What happened in Canada

On Sunday, people were wearing masks as they walked by a signpost at a COVID-19 vaccination site in Montreal. (Graham Hughes/Canada Press)

As of early Monday morning, Canada had reported 1,328,582 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 70,341 were active cases. The total number of deaths on CBC News is 24,948.

On Sunday in Atlantic City, Canada, Nova Scotia Reported 126 new COVID-19 New Brunswick, Health officials report 11 new cases, in spite of Newfoundland and Labrador Nine new cases have been reported- All travel-related.No new case reports Prince Edward Island.

in Quebec, Health officials report 716 new COVID-19 cases And two other people died.

Ontario Sunday report 2,199 new COVID-19 cases In the province, there are also 30 new deaths related to the virus. The number of hospitalizations is 1,292, of which 785 are in the intensive care unit due to COVID-related diseases.

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In the Prairie provinces on Sunday, Manitoba Reported 534 new COVID-19 cases And there are four new deaths among the virus patients.

in Saskatchewan Health officer report 167 new COVID-19 cases And another death related to the virus.

Alberta Reported 1,140 new COVID-19 Cases and three new deaths. The province’s chief medical and health officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, said in a tweet that Alberta’s test positive rate was 9.6%. Xinshaw said that there are 647 people in Alberta hospitals with COVID-19, including 186 intensive care units.

Throughout the north, Nunavut A new case of COVID-19 was reported on Sunday. There are no new case reports. North-west region with Yukon Territory

in British Columbia, Health officials will provide the latest data later on Monday.

-Excerpt from Canadian media and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news, the latest update time is 7 am Eastern Standard Time

What happened around the world

On Monday, a woman responded after receiving the CoVID-19 vaccine at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Quezon City, the capital of Manila, the Philippines. (Eloisa Lopez/Reuters)

According to a tracking tool maintained by Johns Hopkins University, as of early Monday morning, more than 163.1 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. The global death toll exceeds 3.3 million.

inside Asia Pacific For the first time in a few weeks, the daily cases have fallen below 300,000 in the region, and the decline continues as the country is fighting a surge in COVID-19. The Ministry of Health said that in the past 24 hours, approximately 280,000 cases have been confirmed and 4,106 deaths have been confirmed. It is almost certain that these two figures are underestimated.

The Hong Kong government stated that after a surge in untraceable cases in Southeast Asian city countries, the proposal for a quarantine-free travel bubble with Singapore has been postponed.

in AfricaSouth Africa will start the second phase of the vaccine trial on Monday, with the goal of vaccinating 5 million people over 60 years old by the end of June.

Medical staff visited the Santa Maria Ogal community in Iquitos, Peru, and vaccinated the elderly with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19. (Liz Tasa/Reuters)

inside AmericasTrinidad and Tobago will implement a state of emergency from midnight to curb the increase in the number of cases and related deaths.

inside middle EastSaudi Arabia said foreign tourists arriving by air from most countries will no longer need to be quarantined if they have been vaccinated.

in EuropeSpanish police said they cleared 9,000 revellers from the streets and nearby beaches in central Barcelona on Sunday to prevent overcrowding in the first full weekend after restrictions were lifted.

From the Associated Press and Reuters, the latest update time is 7:15 am EST

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