Calgary missionary, mayoral candidate released after being arrested over the weekend for attending a large gathering

Calgary missionary, mayoral candidate released after being arrested over the weekend for attending a large gathering



After being arrested for participating in a large gathering over the weekend, a controversial Calgary mayor candidate with a history of racist commentary and a local missionary have been released, allegedly in violation of a judge’s order to comply with COVID-19 Sanitary restrictions.

Pastor Tim Stephens of the Splendid Baptist Church in southeast Calgary was arrested on Sunday after months of encouraging compliance persons to violate public health rules related to the pandemic.

One day ago, mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston was detained by the police. Johnston was accused of attending three large gatherings, including a meet-and-greet in the parking lot of the local CFL Stadium, a gathering in Prince’s Island Park and church services.

This service is held in the churches of Artur and Dawid Pawlowski.Brothers Arrested last weekend He was also accused of violating the same court order that Johnston and Stephens were imprisoned.

Johnston broadcasted each event live to his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Johnston and Stephens were released on condition that they must comply with Alberta Health Services (AHS) public health restrictions, including mask and physical evacuation requirements and party restrictions.

Johnston was unhappy when he learned that he was going to wear a mask.

He told the court: “I can’t wear a mask at all.” “I sweat and I’m very annoying.”

On June 16, the two will go to Queen’s Court Justice Adam Germain for a civil temp audiovisual hearing.

Johnston must also comply with the AHS restraining order

Johnston must also obey the conditions of another court order: On Friday, AHS was granted a restraining order against Johnston to prevent him from obstructing or interfering with AHS and its employees.

In the past few weeks, Johnston has posted videos in which he threatened to arm himself and arrest health workers if he wanted to be elected mayor.

He specifically posted a photo of an AHS employee and threatened to stun her and others. Doxxing is a practice of posting personal information online that often violates personal wishes.

Johnston is currently facing a charge of assault in British Columbia and a hate crime charge in Ontario.

As a candidate for mayor, Johnston may soon get a list of access permissions, which includes the name, address and phone number of every Calgarian who is eligible to vote.

Calgary police have expressed concern about possible disclosure, and the City of Calgary said it is exploring legal options regarding voter lists.

The last resort to arrest the priest: the police

Stephens had previously been fined and fined for violating public health regulations for holding surplus gatherings, failing to enforce mask use or distancing requirements.

Despite receiving a copy of the judge’s order, Stephens held a service on Sunday before being arrested.

Currently, churches in Alberta can hold up to 15 people.

The police said that in the past few weeks, AHS has been working hard to work with the church to solve the ongoing public health problems at the scene, and the execution of orders and the arrest of Stephens are the last resort.


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