After the judge dismissed the charges against the Philadelphia police, Krasner vowed to fight, and the Philadelphia police sprayed the protesters with pepper on I-676.

After the judge dismissed the charges against the Philadelphia police, Krasner vowed to fight, and the Philadelphia police sprayed the protesters with pepper on I-676.



A former police officer in Philadelphia shot a video of protesters praying to Pepper on Interstate 676 during the civil unrest last year. All charges against him were dismissed in court on Monday. This prompted the District Attorney Larry Krasner to make a bold response to keep the case alive.

36-year-old Richard Paul Nicoletti (former SWAT officer) This was part of the city’s controversial response to the June 1 protests, which began after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Widely circulated video footage shows that after the crowd dispersed from the highway, Nicoletti pulled down the facial covering of at least one protester and deployed pepper spray directly on some of the faces (Known as oleoresin capsicum spray or OC in law enforcement agencies).

The Philadelphia Police Department has deployed tear gas to the crowd, making most demonstrators race against time to build dikes for safety. The Pennsylvania State Police also responded that day.

Nicoletti was fired after an internal affairs investigation and handed over the case to Krasner. Krasner’s office accused the former military officer of simply assaulting, endangering others with consequences, being oppressed by the authorities and possessing criminal methods. Nicoletti turned to face the accusations at the time.

Krasner’s office requested a jury trial earlier this month. But City Court Judge William Austin Meehan (William Austin Meehan) Dismiss these allegations on Monday.

Krasner said: “I fully intend to prosecute vigorously in this matter.” “Although some institutional participants refuse to admit, the people still want and deserve justice and change, including the responsibility of the police. We will continue to work hard.

Meehan ruled that Nicoletti did not commit a crime. He said he was authorized by the commander to drive the protesters off the interstate and equipped with pepper spray. Inquirer report.

Meehan said: “You may not like their methods. This does not criminalize their methods.”

In the video of the incident, Nicoletti approached four protesters who were still on the highway. Nicoletti pulled down the goggles of a sitting woman and sprayed it with pepper. Closed her eyes. Two other people sitting on the highway were also sprayed with pepper, while the fourth protester raised his hand and stood alone.

Nicoletti police protestSource/PPD

Former SWAT officer Richard Nicoletti

None of the four protesters were detained by the police, and they were all left on the highway when traffic resumed on the other side of the barrier.

After the I-676 protest, Philadelphia Police Chief Danielle Outlaw (Danielle Outlaw) and Mayor Jim Kenney (Jim Kenney) Apologies for the “unreasonable” use of force by the Ministry of Defense Tear gas and other non-lethal ammunition were suspended.

An independent analysis of the police’s response to the protests found that Philadelphia is “not prepared” for the George Floyd protests And criticized the “general hostile behavior” of law enforcement agencies.

Philadelphia police are Facing two lawsuits Related to protests. Their focus is on the use of force on I-676 and West Philadelphia.

The day before the Battle of Philadelphia, Krasner vowed to continue the prosecution District Attorney’s Democratic Elementary School, Former prosecutor Carlos Vega questioned Krasner’s reform record.

February, Krasner Office Renewed charges against Joseph Bologna, Another dismissed police officer was charged with beating a Temple University student on the head with a baton in a separate demonstration.

Last month, a jury in Minnesota found Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer. Guilty of all three charges against himIncluding two murders because he killed Freud by kneeling on Freud’s neck during police custody last year.


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