Zack Snyder talks about the filming of “Army of the Dead” in Atlantic City

As the new zombie apocalypse movie “The Army of the Dead” is shown in select theaters across the country, Atlantic City will show its latest close-ups on the big screen and will premiere on Netflix on Friday, May 21.

Thriller section Filmed inside two closed Atlantic City casinos, Showboat Hotel and Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, as the background of some indoor scenes. Both casinos closed in 2014.

Showboat is now used as a hotel and event space for popular Jersey Shore destinations, and later turned into the fictional Bly movie casino in Las Vegas. Director Zack Snyder told reporters that the 60,000-square-foot gaming field of the former casino has more than 500 slot machines and approximately 40 gaming tables for filming. Asbury Park Press.

Snyder said: “Without Atlantic City’s cooperation, we could not have completed this movie.” “And Showboat is an amazing partner for us, because frankly, finding a huge empty casino is not like listening. It’s so easy-I don’t even know if it sounds easy, but it’s hard.”

“So, actually, I think that in many ways, it makes the movie feel real. It’s an incredible, huge casino field, you can observe and watch it at will,’Yes, this is The look of the casino,” “Snyder continued.

According to the New Jersey Film and Television Commission, when filming in Atlantic City, Snyder’s production company employed more than 200 actors and staff, and spent more than $25 million in labor, goods, and labor in the area. service.

But working in New Jersey has a deeper meaning for Snyder, his wife and film producer Deborah Snyder. Zack Snyder graduated from Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, Bergen County, and his wife Deborah Snyder is from Mongolia. Mousse County. During the filming, Snyders lived next door to Atlantic City in Brigantine.

Deborah Snyder told Asbury Park Press: “My family is still there, it’s like going home, it’s fun all summer. And everyone Everyone, such as the Film Commission and Atlantic City, is very supportive of us here, so it’s a great experience.”

The “Death Army” followed a team of mercenaries who broke into a doomsday quarantine zone full of zombies in Las Vegas and stole 200 million from a sin city casino before Las Vegas was bombed by the government. US dollars.

most “The Army of the Dead” Filmed in 2019. Other movie locations include Las Vegas, California and New Mexico.

“The Army of the Dead” brings together arguably the two biggest superheroes and a pair of famous characters in the comic film series in the past ten years: starring Dave Bautista and the aforementioned Snyder.

Bautista has played Drax the Destroyer in four “Marvel Cinematic Universe” movies. He was also known as a professional wrestler.

Snyder is also the producer of “Army of the Dead” and his most famous work with the DC Extended Universe film. He has also directed “Dawn of the Dead”, “300” and “Watchmen”.

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