With the start of the new COVID-19 rules, panic buying appears in the Taiwan market | Coronavirus pandemic news

With the start of the new COVID-19 rules, panic buying appears in the Taiwan market | Coronavirus pandemic news



The authorities said that after the new COVID-19 restrictions trigger panic purchases, there is no need to store instant noodles or toilet paper.

The Taiwanese authorities are calling on people to avoid making a fuss about buying instant noodles and toilet paper, as new party and event containment measures have begun to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Taiwan on Saturday raised the level of coronavirus alert in the capital, Taipei and surrounding areas, and implemented a two-week restriction that will close many venues and limit gatherings.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total infection rate has remained at a low level of 1,475, but the recent surge in community transmission has kept the population accustomed to life at a normal level, which has not happened elsewhere.

In the news on Saturday night, the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Economic Affairs went to Facebook to say that people rushed to buy basic goods (mainly instant noodles and toilet paper) without having to buy products or rush to the store.

Tsai Ing-wen said: “After more than a year of preparation, the country’s anti-pandemic materials, civilian goods and raw materials are sufficient, and stores are open as usual to replenish goods.”

French supermarket chain Carrefour said it is restricting Taiwanese stores from buying items such as masks and instant noodles, requiring people to buy only what they need.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs showed a photo of the warehouses. These warehouses were filled with boxes of instant noodles, stacked on the ceiling, saying that the materials were “like a mountain” with a lot of toilet paper and canned food on them.

Premier Su Zengchang made a similar appeal on his Facebook page. At the beginning of last year, in a previous toilet paper panic, he said that people “have only one asshole” and should calm down, which sparked entertainment.

While not requiring a complete lockdown, the government urges people to stay at home as much as possible.

The Ministry of Health released its dog mascot, a Shiba Inu called Zongchai, to strengthen the message on social media.

It said: “Study Zongchai, stay home,” and it showed a photo of the dog lying on the ground resting.


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