What are they talking about: The Hawks want to switch to CB or QB before drafting DeVonta Smith.

What are they talking about: The Hawks want to switch to CB or QB before drafting DeVonta Smith.



Unfortunately, for those who follow the Eagles, the rookie mini training camp is only open to the media for a total of about 20 minutes, which means that reporters can only see part of the warm-up and partial exercise. Obviously, this is not enough to have any accurate understanding of the team’s draft picks and the undrafted free agent and selection player lineups.

As the players have issued a statement through the NFLPA, they will collectively withdraw from the OTA voluntary part of the offseason plan. From now to June 16 (a period of three days), the team will not have too many updates. The mandatory mini camp is open. . However, if there are signs of a rookie mini training camp, then access opportunities there will also be severely restricted.

If this sounds like a complaint, it makes a sense for fans who use the media as a team lens, but it’s not true for us. It becomes more difficult for fans to be excited about the season when the restrained guys can’t see the team, report to the team or scout the team.After the disappointing 4-11-1 season resulted in the dismissal of the head coach and the quarterback trade, Hawks fans may need to do all possible motivations to hype a season So many people see the ending There is no playoff berth again.

Unfortunately, but we will do our best. This writer has not stayed in the mini camp-frankly, driving all the way to the NovaCare complex, watching the guys stretch for 20 minutes, and then rush home in time for the Zoom meeting, it seems stupid-but many others do pilgrimage. In most cases, they liked what they saw in the first round pick DeVonta Smith (though not very much).

In today’s “What They Speak”, we will look at Smith, his performance in small training camps (either on-site or on the microphone) and his strengths and weaknesses. But first, a story about Smith is hardly a member of the Hawks, and then take a closer look at whether Nick Sirianni’s offense against Jalen Hurts is appropriate. Let’s dive into…

The Eagles are looking at CB or QB

Jeremy Fowler| ESPN

In ESPN games, every NFL team passed by Jeremy Fowler this weekend has some remaining draft picks, and one of the Hawks’ tidbits shows that the Hawks are always looking for trading opportunities-no It must be DeVonta Smith.

The Hawks maintain the 12th overall pick, and there is a lot of smoke around them, as well as cornerbacks Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn. Could the Eagles have been looking for a higher price to get one of them before seeing them both leave the board?

In a typical way, the Eagles were spread across the map a few hours before the draft. General Manager Howie Roseman likes to mix it with trade negotiations. He will swing up and down on the board.

I talked to three different senior managers in the range of 5-15. They said that a) the Eagles are trying to improve themselves, and b) the cornerback they see is likely to be a quarterback.

Whether the latter is the eagle’s smoke bomb or not is not entirely certain, but at least they consider placing Jaycee Horn or Patrick Surtain II in the eighth and ninth positions before they can. Takes 10th place to replace DeVonta Smith (DeVonta Smith). [espn.com]

This may not be the worst thing in the world, because the Eagles did get a gem with the 10th overall pick (we will provide him with more later).

The AFC staff executive said that at Smith, “They may have become the third best player in the draft.” [espn.com]

Hurt Ciliani’s plan?

Jeff McLane| Inquirer.com

Last Saturday, we looked at the conflicting answers that Nick Sirianni offered at a Friday press conference. He took a breath and said that you are not suitable for adapting your players to the offense, but to adjust your offense according to your own strength. That’s great. However, he also said that although he does not know who the starting quarterback is, he has already started “a lot” of offense. He insisted that there is a rivalry between Jalen Hurts and Joe Flacco, two completely opposite QBs.

So how is that possible? When he doesn’t know who QB will be, how will he design offense to suit his QB strength? A simple answer is that, like the rest of us, he already knows who will become a member of QB, and the “competition” is 100% created. Therefore, even if we all know that the harm is his, it is not just to take this The work was handed over to Hutes.

If we assume, the next question is, what would Ciliani’s offense look like in terms of injury? How is it different from his position with the Colts, where he can get from Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett and Philip Rivers Obtained varying degrees of success, especially considering that these QBs are very different from Hutts.

Ends with Philadelphia Enquirer, Jeff McLane just looked at…

As with most games in the current NFL, Siriani’s offense will not be based on traditional systems such as the West Coast or Air Coryell. Frank Reich’s plan with the Colts can be accurately described as “multiple.” The former Eagles offensive coordinator pieced together his offense from the players and coaches.

He also got it from assistants like Sirianni and Rivers, who preferred the in-depth concepts he learned from Norv Turner. But the last game-Sirianni called them “losers” in a movie review with the Eagles’ website last month-has always been part of the Colts’ basic offense.


The injury’s lack of low-field accuracy-at least based on a small number of NFL samples-may indicate that deep road crossing will not be his specialty. If his first few readings are not open, his tendency to scramble for one another will not help.

Two team sources said that when Sirianni first started offense with his coach, the quarterback didn’t have much to read about running games or running pass options. Offensive coach Jeff Stoutland brought some of these things to the stage, but it remains to be seen whether Sirianni has a game plan for the injuries that hurt these players. [inquirer.com]

I’m not sure if the last part is encouraging or frightening. On the one hand, in an offense led by someone like Hurts, how could you not have QB reading or RPO? On the other hand, is he at least willing to accept the advice of the postponement coach?

Smith’s pros and cons

Brent Taylor| The bloody green nation

Let us turn our attention to DeVonta Smith. The former University of Alabama outreach activities received a lot of praise from the university, but sometimes it is best to go directly to the source. You know, it’s like someone who closely followed his entire college career.

This is how people in the bloody green country interviewed Barlow Bama Lauter writer Brent Taylor when they interviewed the Eagles’ first-round draft pick. I suggest checking the whole thing, but the part about his strengths and weaknesses really jumped out.

First of all, his strengths…

Ruggs always hyped about his speed, but Smith was always with him. He has a very high stride speed, but better yet, it can accelerate to the highest speed without wasting any step (a by-product of a 200-pound frame without applying a lot of extra force). He is a shrewd runner, which means he has the ability to let players miss the game in an open area. He is light, but has never avoided the starting defender’s defense to add one or two yards to each catch. Combining this speed, route driving and YAC’s ability, you can see how he turned his regular preference into a huge game.

The most important thing is that he always has an extraordinary touch, whether it is a difficult, controversial catch, or a regular catch, he has a natural feeling, can pass the defender and bypass the defense without Become stiff. When he came to Alabama with Ruggs and Jeudy, the general consensus for each of them was that Ruggs was a speed racer, Jeudy was the front runner, and Smith had the best hands. [via bleedinggreennation.com]

Who can catch the passing Eagles? What a concept!

Now, regarding the weaknesses, to be honest, there are not many of these weaknesses. I mean, the playboy won the Heisman championship last year, and the only thing that really hits him is his size, which seems to be more important in the modern NFL than ever, because in the NFL, the receiver With various spaces. But let’s see what Tyler can come up with…

I mean, you are talking about the first pure receiver to win the Heisman Award in 30 years…? There is really nothing to say. I have seen a lot of information about him as an excellent spoiler, but over the years, I have seen him beating Waddle and Ruggs freely on many widescreen receiver screens. If so, I would like to say that his YAC ability may not transfer well among professional players. On his grill, he has never really had the decisive ability to break the ankle of the defender, and more is that he can weave in the gap between the defender and the blocker to pick up Huge code. [via bleedinggreennation.com]

Another young WR watch

Ruben Frank| NBC Sports Philadelphia

On NBC Sports, Roob’s 10 observations include not only a review of Smith, but also extensive attention to SEC rookies. He may cause some resentment this summer: UDFA Trevon Grimes has left Florida.

1. All eyes are on Smith, although we did not see him receiving the ball from the only quarterback this weekend, Jamie Newman (Jamie Newman), he looks smooth, fast, and moves well. , Despite several personal training (although one time) dropped early). He seemed energetic and energetic, and received one-on-one coaching from Sirianni, who showed better things than he realized after practice: “As shown in the advertisement, he caught everything. That ball. When he touched his hand, he grabbed it. He is really long. You see. His arms are very long and the capture radius is also very large. You just don’t know exactly what you have. The possessions are very knowledgeable, but when you bring him to the court, you are like: “Man, we can do it, we can do it, maybe he can do it (and) do it (that) maybe we think He is not capable. He showed his length, showed his incredible hands, and showed that I was just thinking about my excellent steering ability at the top of the route, even better than what we saw on the tape. When they were not kicked out of our training camp after 20 minutes, it became fun to watch this kid.


9. One of those interesting young receivers is the tiny Florida rookie Trevon Grimes. He stands at 6-4 and 225, while his large African descent is about 6-7. Sirianni mentioned how Grimes moved at 6-4 and I wouldn’t be shocked if he becomes a new star in the training camp. He was in the shadow of Terry McLaurin of Ohio State University, and then in the shadow of Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney in Florida. Played, but he still found a way to pile up nearly 1,500 yards of college players. Can’t wait to see his actions. [nbcsports.com]

Feel confident

Tim McManus| ESPN

Finally, if there is one thing DeVonta Smith does not seem to lack, it is confidence.

Recently I was asked who is the best [QB/WR] Smith replied: “Me and Jaylen.”

“I believe if you ask Waddle and Tua, or Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr, they will talk to themselves,” Smith said earlier this week shortly after arriving in South Philadelphia for the rookie mini-camp. “That’s what you should say. You should be confident about it.

“I believe that Jalen and I will continue our previous contact [at Alabama]. That’s just confidence in it. If you are not sure about what you are doing, then you have done something wrong. “

Injury and Smith were Smith’s teammates in Alabama during his freshman and sophomore years (2017-18), when he was playing with Calvin Ridley (Atlanta Falcons), Jerry Jedi (Denver Broncos) ) Share the game with heavyweights such as Henry Rugers III and win the Stripes (Las Vegas Raiders). Smith and Hurts had 12 receptions for 207 yards and two touchdowns during Tuscaloosa. [espn.com]

Hawks fans can only hope that Smith’s bold statement is correct.

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