The rabbi was beaten in the hospital by two mobs. The latter was beaten and attacked in Essex County for “yelling anti-Semitic slander”

A mob carried out a brutal attack on RABBI near a synagogue near Essex, allegedly shouting anti-Semitic slander in an apparent “road rage” incident.

Rabbi Rafi Goodwin of the Chigwell Synagogue was taken to the hospital after being attacked this morning.

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Rabbi Rafi Goodwin was hospitalized after being attacked this morningCredit: Twitter
According to reports, the attack took place near the Chigwell Synagogue

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According to reports, the attack took place near the Chigwell SynagogueCredit: Google

After being injured by two men near Lime Manor, the rabbi was reportedly taken to King George Hospital with head injuries. Jewish news.

The Jewish Chronicle reported that although the two attackers may have used anti-Semitic language, it is believed that the rabbi was not singled out for the attack because of the protests in the conflict with Gaza.

An email sent to relevant members of the synagogue wrote: “From the description of the incident, it appears that this is not an anti-Semitic attack.”

After the incident, it is said that the residents of the manor “gave great support.”

The security officer of the synagogue, Rabbi Moshe Freedman, tweeted: “Please pray for my dear friend and colleague Rabbi Rafi Goodwin, he This morning, he was brutally attacked near the Chigwell Synagogue.”

On the same day, a convoy drove through a street in north London in a scene that Boris Johnson condemned as “shameful.”

The video appeared this afternoon and showed anti-Semitic slander on vehicles driving along St. John’s Forest. Four men were arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order crimes and are still in police custody.

There is no indication that this is related to the so-called rabbi Goodwin attack.

When Israel launched today, tensions intensified Gaza air strikes against Gaza A militant in the most vicious battle in years.

After an air strike in a Palestinian enclave, the dead and injured children were pulled out of the rubble.

The ongoing conflict has killed 174 Palestinians, including 47 children, while 10 people have been killed in Israel.

Sun Online has contacted Essex Police for comment.

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