Real-time observation: The 76ers’ bench victory over the Magic ended a wonderful season

The 76ers emptied the bench to end the regular season and won in the process, defeating Orlando with a 72-81 victory and ending 72 games. Philadelphia completed the 49-23 game, this is the first game of the Eastern Conference, after a nightmare 2019-20 season, he set off a wave of climax.

This is what I see. Thank you for riding with me for another regular season, which is really weird.


• For most of this season, I feel like I have been commenting on my liking for Tyrese Maxey to complement their other players in the second team. At the beginning of the season, he was an interesting partner of Shake Milton. Later this year, he looked better than the methodical George Hill. At some point, it just reflects the young man’s skills, as the regular season is about to end, he is looking for his own path.

The last time Maxey had such a large degree of operational freedom, half of the entire team was put on the shelf due to the COVID agreement. If he hasn’t played against Denver since the beginning of the season, he is too close. Maxi showed the best part of the Nuggets’ efforts and his increasing maturity in the process. Seeing him open the three-pointer in the transition and rush to the basket all the way, which inspired his hopes for a bright future, especially when he changed from a scoring mode to a high and low shot for teammates, and for a shooter. It’s easy. With the right help, Maxey will become an important contributor sooner or later.

You can see how Maxey was allowed to lead on the field is different from when he was a minor player following the big gun. This is actually encouraging-as he finds his footing and voice in the locker room, and gains more time, I think it will be easier for him to take over a healthy lineup.

The last time before the start of the playoffs: I think Maxi needs to rotate and stop. If he shrinks in the spotlight, it’s not a big deal, and it’s not difficult to overcome in the first round of opposition. Let him get those early representatives who can get dividends in the playoffs, and he provides the vitality of the second unit, which no one else can do.

Look, he will not face such a bad and powerful opponent of this Magic in the playoffs, but this is the exact performance you want to see from a young player in this position.It’s like watching a summer league game-not so Really It doesn’t matter, but the exclusive competition will always make you more confident in the future of men.

•Before focusing on the big picture, some minor issues related to Sunday’s game:

  1. I don’t know if Paul Reid will become a player-he gets into chaos when he creates himself, and his defensive ability is also very poor-but I just like that guy’s performance. Every time he gets a chance this season, Reid’s game is like he was shot out of a cannon. He will give himself a chance to do this with his own efforts alone, and of course he also has an interesting combination of tools.
  2. George Hill was not eligible for the game in that game, but given his performance, it might be a good thing for him to have more time to participate in the game. His teammates left some buckets on the table he could have created, but I still believe that he will be an important moment in the playoffs in Philadelphia.
  3. Rayjon Tucker may not have done enough offensively, but he is an absolute nuclear player and he is always ready to cross, bypass the opponent or pass the opponent. He has proven that he can stay defensive in the playoffs (in the bubble with Utah last year), so maybe more skill development work can take him to a place where he can stay on the court and earn some time. .

• We live in a world that is very different from 2001, for countless reasons, but I do hope that 76ers fans will survive this season. The history of the team may be very long, some iconic stars are dressed in red, white and blue, but for Philadelphia, participating in the Eastern Conference is not easy. These opportunities do not appear often.

I still remember twenty years ago, when Allen Iverson dragged this team into the Finals, the 76ers’ flag, the constant MVP praise, and the thrilling roar of the thrilling arena. . Embiid is not Iverson’s idol buster-it is a clear high standard-but he is a dominant, super-conscious performer, and he seems to finally understand his responsibility as the leader of this team.He will provide them with a chance to fight against almost anyone, and given the playoffs (we will see tomorrow), he should show up in the finals at the lowest limit Expect this group.

They are not the favorite, but they do have a chance to win the championship. Please remember to enjoy.

• Similarly, before the start of the playoffs, Joel Embiid has another commendable moment in the season. It looks like everything will fall apart after that terrifying DC drop, but thankfully, the big guy, his teammates and all of us are watching these guys. He avoided disaster and will lead this A team enters the playoffs.

In 2020-21, Embiid has undergone the most difficult leap, due to health, focus, state or Al Horford’s car body hindering his stable performance in the past few years, thus breaking the league’s best player base. Almost every night of this season, you know what you will get from Embiid. He will be amazed no matter what, and pay tribute to legendary players such as Nowitzki and Olajuwon through elimination moves as if they were easy to achieve.

The difficult part is still far ahead, but the journey itself is very difficult. He is unlikely to get the hardware he is after, but the final bonus still exists. It’s time for him to show his work.

• We will have to wait and see if Doc Rivers is the one who brought this team to the promised land. His past playoff struggles will not disappear in the background unless/unless he proves he is like the star of hope Students like that. However, it is clear that he is the right person for this team, and he and his employees have also done something this year.

Need proof? Take a look at the performance of the second unit on the last day of the season. Maxey may have occupied the dominant night alone, but this group has participated in basketball games almost all night, looking for time and opportunities for everyone in the lineup in what may be a borderline relay game. The game was used to play basketball, and Rivers and Co. can be used to review and teach later.

Of course, Rivers will receive (and deserve) more honors for his achievements from Embiid and his regular starting performance. Fair enough, but this is not the only way he can show his worth this year.

• “Surround the shooter and Simmons with the shooter” may not be the most creative strategy to start the Darryl Morey era, but you can say that in the past five years, there have been many people in charge of the team. The right solution is usually a simple solution, and Morey refuses to overthink it, which is the main key to this season.

Bad guy

• Even though they sat everyone, they were ranked first in the East and easily won the last game. Are you looking forward to complaining?


• Being responsible for every game in the NBA season can be an exhausting experience, especially in a year when there are so many late scratches and missing lineups in a short period of time. Sometimes, I question my sanity about redoing each game because my colleagues rotate responsibilities or take vacations, and the 76ers finished their fifth game in a week.

However, I am very happy to be able to do this even at the worst. I am very happy to have this platform to discuss basketball with everyone. As always, I can’t wait to enter the playoffs, and I hope the game will last until summer. Let us have more fun.

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