Netflix draws sexy Bridgerton derivative works based on Queen Charlotte

NETFLIX announced that they will create a Bridgerton prequel series, focusing on the antics of the young Queen Charlotte.

The gossip monarch played by Golda Rosheuvel was a fan favorite in the first season of the Regency era drama. He was obsessed with the identity of the mysterious Lady Whistledown, and she knew the’Ton Elite’ All the style.


Queen Charlotte’s early years will be explored through a separate seriesImage credit: LIAM DANIEL / NETFLIX

However, due to her husband’s poor health, she also concealed her grief, which kept her away from the upper-class orgy.

In the one-off series, she will tell the story of her descent, as well as the story of the young Violet Bridgeton and Mrs. Danbury.

Shonda Rhimes will write the story again to expand the knowledge we learned on the show and Julia Quinn’s novels.

Netflix said in the announcement: “Before Bridgetown brought her to the world, many viewers had never heard of the story of Queen Charlotte. I am very happy that this new series will further expand her story and Bridgetown’s world.

The character is famous for his gossip love to Mrs. Wheatstone


The character is famous for his gossip love to Mrs. WheatstoneImage credit: LIAM DANIEL / NETFLIX
What was the queen like before becoming a member of the royal family?


What was the queen like before becoming a member of the royal family?Image credit: LIAM DANIEL / NETFLIX

“Shonda and her team are carefully constructing the Bridgerton world so that they can continue to serve fans with their favorite quality and style.

“And by planning and preparing for all upcoming seasons now, we also hope to keep up with the pace so that even the most satisfying audience can be completely satisfied.”

Netflix’s Bridgerton promises a lot of drama and scandal in the glorious new trailer

Queen Charlotte never actually appeared in the book, but was introduced to the series as a new character, so her legacy had a lot of room to play before reigning in England.

The series became a global phenomenon in December 2020, thanks to its X-rated sex scenes and sexy actors whipping fanatical fans.

Becoming the most watched Netflix show of all time, the series has now been confirmed to be broadcast for at least three consecutive quarters. The second batch is currently being filmed.

But when people confirmed Regé-Jean Page (playing the actor in the first series, the Duke of Hastings), the fans were disappointed. It won’t show up at all.

Bridgetown is now available on Netflix.

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