Kardashians latest-Kourtney posted more sexy bikini pictures with new boyfriend Travis Barker after PDA


The rapper, who has been silent on social media for several months, almost appeared in the next episode of the popular animated series.

In 2019, the creators of Rick & Morty apparently provided Kanye His own episode in the series, because in the end they were able to meet with the controversial producer.

However, although they were about to start producing the series, the film was disbanded due to a higher episode.

Co-creator Dan Harmon recently told MSNBC“At that time, it was seven different companies-I don’t blame them for it, because this is their job-they had to say,’Wow, wow, wow. Wait a minute. Slow down. What are you doing? .'”

Dan added that “time will tell everything” if we met Kanye, 43, in the series.

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