Jurgen Klopp compares Alisson Becker to Olivier Giroud as Liverpool bosses hailed the “world-class” stoppage time header

JURGEN KLOPP compares Liverpool hero Alisson Becker with Olivier Giroud.

This Redskins When their first place ventured forward for 95 minutes, they were in a destructive draw to fight for the Champions League position.

Jurgen Klopp compares Alisson Becker with Olivier Giroud after his amazing header
Allison scored a

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Allison scored a “world-class” header to beat West Brom in the 95th minuteCredit: Getty

Followed by Allison Jump to the highest, with Trent Alexander-Arnold’s swingman Shot a perfect header at Baggie’s goalkeeper Sam Johnstone and hit the net.

In this way, the 28-year-old Brazilian became the sixth scoring leader in the Premier League, the first winner to score and the first scoring leader.

But at a loss Klopp Claiming this is the highest level of effort-not just goalkeepers.

The German said: “We have seen it 10 times in the locker room, which is absolutely incredible-a goal, a’world’.

“This technology is absolutely crazy. It’s perfect.

“If Olivier Giroud scores, we will say this is a world-class goal, so we have to say the same for this goal.

“We don’t have so many moments this season, so we have to taste them when they show up.

“I would love to say that we saw him training four times a week, but unfortunately this is not the case.”

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The tearful Alisson dedicated his goal to the late father Jose Agostinho, who tragically Drowned in a Brazilian family farm, now 57 years old Earlier this year.

He said: “I’m so excited about everything that happened in my life with my family recently.

“Football is my life, ever since I remember being with my father.

“I hope he is there to watch and celebrate. It is for my family and the boy.

“You can’t explain many things in life. The only answer for me is God, who put his hand on my head today and let this happen.

“You can’t explain these kinds of things-they just happen in football matches.”

The 2-1 victory of Hawthorne put Liverpool 1 point behind fourth place Chelsea and 3 points behind third place Leicester.

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However, since their two opponents are still playing against each other, the Reds know if they have won the last two games against Burnley and Crystal Palace, then they are in.

Alisson added: “I saw the ball coming and tried to get to a good position. Maybe I brought a guard to help another boy, but no one came. I was lucky and lucky to score.

“The UEFA Champions League is very important to us and I am very happy to be able to help.”

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