Is Asian identity even a thing? Who cares, pass the popcorn to K-drama

Is Asian identity even a thing? Who cares, pass the popcorn to K-drama



This first-person article is the experience of Jan Huang, co-founder of the Asian Canadian Women’s League.For more information on CBC’s first-person story, see common problem.

This is my COVID-19 confession: I am addicted to South Korean Netflix.

To be clear, I am not Korean. As a third-generation Canadian, I have almost no Chinese.

Hate criminals cannot tell the difference. During the pandemic, they wantonly stabbed Filipinos, Vietnamese and Chinese Canadians, stabbed, sucked and spit.This month, Bloomberg announced that Vancouver is North America Anti-Asian Hate Crime Capital.

Ottawa also mixed us up. Asian Cultural Heritage Month (May) is equivalent to the Federal Government: “You all look the same.” It is as ridiculous as specifying a European heritage month, as if the French, English, Poles and Germans did not spend centuries invading each other like the Asians.

Asians usually stay on our isolated island. Some Asian grocery stores in Toronto even separate Chinese soy sauce from Japanese soy sauce in different aisles.To break down barriers, I recently co-founded Canadian Federation of Asian Women When a white person appears, speak in a voice Atlanta hates eight people, including six Asian women.

During the blockade, two members of our group (neither Korean) recommended Netflix Falling on you with Vincenzo. Living in Beijing for twelve years has not made me a loyal fan of Chinese movies. This is predictable and propaganda. So I am suspicious of Korean performances.

but collision This is a story about a spoiled South Korean heiress who accidentally glides into the demilitarized zone. I was fascinated, especially after learning that the screenwriter included North Korean defectors.

Watch the trailer to learn about “Landing on You”.

I like VincenzoAgain, this is an action movie about the memorial service of Korean adopters to Italian mafia families.

So far Netflix invested $1.2 billion in Korean movies, Including $500 million spent on original content this year. K drama is full of suspense, romance and comedy, with many Taekwondo and male protagonists crying. In order to adapt to the feedback from the audience, Filmed and played in the same week, And some The cast on IV drops to fight dehydration.

K drama can take 10 fascinating episodes to kiss in silence.Compare it to Netflix Bridgetown, This is a romantic film in the history of the Regency. It was in estrus in the first episode. The fascinating romantic atmosphere and zero nudity of the K series have swept the Middle East, China, Japan, and even Bollywood, where it is called Hindi, Tamil and Urdu. In 2020, India’s ratings of South Korean Netflix have nearly tripled over the previous year.An audience member said that the audience combined with traditional family values ??found a fresh modern environment Indian sociologist Otojit Kshetrimayum.

Last year, Korean black comedy thriller Parasites Won the final award and won the Oscar for Best Picture. Director Feng Junho used this moment to condemn North American movie audiences’One inch high subtitle barrier. “The popularity of K-dramas outside of Korea shows that language is not a barrier-at least for other Asian markets.

North Koreans are also fascinated, but the punishment for watching smuggled DVDs is death. (The father of the current dictator used to Kidnapped a Korean star and her director’s ex-husband Attempt to revitalize North Korean films).

Jan Wong, who was at home in Toronto on May 14, 2021, said that K-drama changed her feelings about herself. (Mitsui Evan/CBC)

Listen, I really like Netflix’s TV series about Orthodox Jews, Turkish killers, and all the drugs of the Ozarks.But none of them pull my heartstrings like showing Asians and other Asians, not even like Canadian sitcoms. The convenience of gold, This is brilliant and interesting, but it has nothing to do with me. Because 140 years after my family came to Canada, I have no unreachable connection with the immigration experience.

Millennials, computers and Silicon Valley are three topics that left me in the cold, but I currently like them very much start up Based on South Korea’s high-tech industry. The leader thought of Jane Austen’s arrogant Mr. Darcy. There is food! When his interest in romance walked into the bar and ordered “a bottle of shochu and pork cartilage”, I laughed.

K-Netflix changed my view of myself. I didn’t grow up in Montreal. I find Asian men very attractive, but these male protagonists are hot. Like me, the female protagonist has straight hair, dark eyes, and a slim body. The most satisfying thing is that they are beautiful even though they have no cleavage.

As an invisible and visible minority, I finally feel seen. In a strangely comforting way, each of us looks the same.

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