Cute golden antelope calf settles at the San Diego Zoo

Cute golden antelope calf settles at the San Diego Zoo



A lovely golden antelope calf at the San Diego-San Diego Zoo was born for the first time in the Western Hemisphere.

After being born last month, the small animal is living with its mother in the Asian Passage area of ??the zoo. This animal is called Meiling or “beautiful antelope” in Mandarin.

The San Diego Zoo explained: “The golden antelope is a sheep-related horned mammal that has adapted to life in the high-altitude areas of its original habitat in the Himalayas.”

Mei Ling is “the first of this subspecies of takin, born in the Western Hemisphere.”

“The San Diego Zoo is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can see takins (with the rhyme of “rock”). These ruminants are very agile and can easily navigate the rugged terrain. Their name comes from the gold of the thick, fluffy coat of the adult takin. Hue.” The zoo press release continued.

The female takin usually gives birth to a calf in early spring.

“Within a few days, young people can move on their own. This feature can help them avoid being looted. The zoo explains that the coats of young takins are much darker than those of adults. “Their dark brown prevents them from being looted. They are disguised by predators. “


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