Check out the strong positions in the 2022 NFL Draft as early as possible

Check out the strong positions in the 2022 NFL Draft as early as possible



We have been more than 11 months away from the 2022 NFL Draft. With the rise and fall of the prospects, from now to now, a lot/may change. Nevertheless, you usually still feel which positions will be strong in next year’s draft. For example, at this time last year, it was obvious that the 2021 NFL draft will be loaded at the wide receiver. Sure enough, 3 of the top 10 draft picks were selected.

So let’s take a look at the various top 50 sectors-from CBS, Professional Football Net, Tank marathon, with sports news —And see which positions may be strong in 2022. (It should be noted that the depth of some of the above-mentioned related media channels exceeds 50 prospects.)

CBS TDN tank Serial number average
QB 4 6 6 6 5.5
RB 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 3 2.25
write 6 7 6 7 6.5
to 4 2 pcs 1 piece 3 2.5
OT 6 6 9 5 6.5
Intraocular lens 1 piece 4 2 pcs 3 2.5
edge 6 6 8 7 6.75
iDL 4 5 4 3 4
lb 3 3 2 pcs 5 3.25
Certification body 11 6 7 5 7.25
small 3 3 3 3 3

The consensus is that the top of the next draft will remain strong in the following areas:

Horn Back: This will meet Eagles’ current maximum demand. LSU’s Derek Stingley has always been the first two consensus corners. He has been the top five of most large boards in the early 2022s, Florida’s Kair Elam.

edge: The passer pick in 2021 is very weak, because the first player to appear is Jaelen Phillips, who is the 18th overall pick for the Dolphins. In the second half of the first round, the first edge punch rarely appeared on the board. It is almost certain that this situation will not happen by 2022, because marginal blanking talents may withdraw from the board early and often. Like Stingley above, Kayvon Thibodeaux of Oregon usually ranks in the top 5.

Wide receiver: Nowadays, every year the receiver feels very strong in the draft.

Offensive tackle: So far, it seems that the Hawks’ depth in overtime is pretty good. We will look at how well Lane Johnson’s ankle has been this season and whether Jordan Mailata or Andre Dillard can clearly indicate that they are entry-level LT.

Quarterback: The factory must be kept running.

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