Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna and Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna and Barcelona vs Celta Vigo


Do or die

In all the major Spanish tabloids, Atletico Madrid players have taken huge strides to win the championship, which is well deserved.

However, I also believe that the tremendous work he has done in his management career at the club should also inspire the staff.

Diego Simeone was appointed head coach in 2011. By his third year in office, the 51-year-old has won Madrid’s first La Liga title since the 1995/96 season.

Yes, that was a long time ago.

In addition, Simeone became a family. 1x Spanish Championship, 1x Spanish Cup Championship, 1x Spanish Super Cup Championship, 2x Europa League Championship and 2x UEFA Super Cup Championship are all at the helm of Atletico Madrid.

In order to put the cherry first, the Argentine won the honor in Los Rojiblancos’s crusty grass, when he won the world’s best club coach award in 2015/16.

But in recent years, especially last season, Atletico’s results have declined slightly, when they were 17 points behind the league champions and their rivals Real Madrid.

Then, when Simeone’s midfield conductor Thomas Partey was pinched from under his nose by Arsenal on the last day of the summer transfer window, the situation got worse and the whole fans embraced.

Fortunately, anyone connected with Atletico has got Simone’s funding, introduced Edwin Condobia from Valencia as a substitute, and then can compete with Moussa Dembele and Alvaro Mo Lata, Luis Suarez and others stepped up their offense, and now, Los Rogi Blancos is obviously firing again.

Rumor has it that once the campaign is over, the Madrid boss is ready to keep in touch with the club. If it does, Simone just hopes to pack up and stay high-profile.

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