According to the biographer, during the Queen’s reign, he trusted only three people, and now they are all dead.

A biographer claimed that during the Queen’s reign, only three people were completely trusted, and they are all now dead.

Royal writer Matthew Dennison said that Ma Xia is closer to the trio than “any child or friend”, but her role as a monarch prepares her to lose them.

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A royal biographer claimed that the queen only trusted three people during her reignCredit: Getty

Trustworthy groups include her mother, her sister Princess Margaret, and husband Prince Philip, who died last month at the age of 99.

Denison writes in his new book: “During the long years of being a monarch, the queen may only trust three people completely: her mother, sister and husband. This is a trio that she is closer to than any child or friend. “, Queen.

“After the death of the Queen’s mother and Princess Margaret in 2002, Philip was the only member of the organization.

“Because of losing him, the monarch can be said to be lonelier than at any time in her long life.”

However, under Her is thought to be fully prepared for being alone. Who will take a photo alone on the bench at the husband’s funeral next month.

Williamson said that “decades” of building her own personal strength and resilience through “the role of the isolated monarch” have prepared her for her “independent role.”

The queen is said to have left a huge gap after her husband died last month


The queen is said to have left a huge gap after her husband died last monthCredit: PA
King and Queen George VI and their daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret


King and Queen George VI and their daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess MargaretCredit: Getty

Last year, the queen fell into a limited social bubble, and members of the royal family faced several crises throughout the royal company.

Her son, Prince Andrew, said that after his father passed away, he was “gathering” next to his mother. He is still under pressure because of his connection with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

She also continued to face the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s explosive Oprah interview-they were in the interview Accusing the royal family of racist remarks At the same time blow up the company.

At the same time, due to the influence of Megxit that split her family, Harry Prince continued to explode members in public.

However, the monarch has experienced difficult struggles in the past-the famous year was the year when Prince Charles and Diana separated as “Annus Horribilis”.

According to Williamson, she will also stride into the latest royal rift and “will deal with it.”

She said: “She will use her instincts honed for decades to do this: she is born an irreplaceable role; history itself has given her this role, and there is no one that can be avoided.

“She will respond accurately by understanding her role, that her role is everything and replacing everything else in her life, even the deepest personal tragedy.”

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