Zinedine Zidane “tells the Real Madrid star that he is resigning” after the season, even though his contract has one year left

According to reports, ZINEDINE ZIDANE will no longer serve as Real Madrid coach after the end of the season.

The announcement was apparently made to the Madrid team before the clash with Sevilla last week.

The 2020 LaLiga champion is the 11th trophy for Zidane as manager

The Frenchman has one year remaining on his contract, but he is ready to resign as club manager for the second time. the goal.

Build ice Whites Entered the Champions League semi-finals for the fourth time this semester, but was defeated by Thomas Tuchel Chelsea.

He still has a third chance to win La Riga, and his team is currently 2 points behind rival Atletico, with 2 games left.

Manager Imply that he can step down At the recent press conference

He said: “No, the only thing about me is what I did, I always did it to the end, and then it was time to change.

“For everyone, not only me. For the club, for the benefit of the club, but also for the people.

“I don’t leave because it’s easy. It’s not like I turn around and don’t look back.

“No, sometimes you have to be there, sometimes just like that, it’s done, it’s time to change. But it’s good for everyone, not just for me.”

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However, according to reports, he will leave and once again bring Real Madrid to the top of Spanish and European football in his second match, leaving behind a record and legacy that many managers envy.

Zidane He failed to reach the exciting height he set in his first term, but this time his winning rate reached 60%, while the winning rate during 2016-2018 was only 70%.

Real Madrid also suffered Embarrassing Copa del Rey exit Head to Alnowyano in January.

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