The start time of the battle for former British Olympic stars, TV channels, live broadcasts and prepaid cards

The start time of the battle for former British Olympic stars, TV channels, live broadcasts and prepaid cards


When JOSHUA BUATSI faced Manchester’s Daniel Dos Santos, he remained unbeaten.

The British put his WBA international lightweight belt on the line against Dos Santos, who has a professional record of 15-0.

1 piece

Buatsi remains unbeaten as a professional player and hopes to record his fourteenth victory on SaturdayCredit: Sun

However, this was his first time fighting outside of France, and Buatsi was his favourite to defeat Marko Calic in October.

When will Boissy vs. Dos Santos start?

  • The battle is scheduled for May 15 (Saturday).
  • It will be held at the Manchester Arena.
  • The card will start around 6 pm BST, and the main activities are expected to be 10 o’clock in the afternoon.

Which TV channels and live broadcasts can I watch?

You can capture all actions in real time Sky Sports Action Here in the UK.

The coverage starts at 6 pm.

If you are a Sky customer, please download the Sky Go app to stream your own videos.

For non-Sky subscribers Now you can get a TV pass for just £9.99 Stream on their phone, tablet or PC.

If you are watching in the US, DAZN will stream the entire card.

Jack Paul enters the elite company
Jack Paul enters the elite company

Complete hole cards

  • Joshua (Joshua Buatsi) vs. Daniel Dos Santos (Daniel Dos Santos) (WBA International Lightweight Championship)
  • Lerrone Ricards vs Giovanni De Carolis (EBU European Super Middleweight Champion)
  • Tommy McCarthy vs Alexandru Juul (EBU European Super Lightweight Championship)
  • Dalton Smith vs. Lee Appleyard (BBBofC English Super Lightweight Championship)
  • Solomon Dacres vs. Mladen Manev (Heavyweight)
  • Ellis Hopkins (first appearance) vs Borislava Goranova

What did they say

Joshua Buatsi: “I have an undefeated opponent, which makes him ambitious.

“Obviously it was the first fight under Virgil, so it should be interesting. I look forward to showing that I have been working hard. [new trainer] Virgil

“Like me, he is going to keep his unbeaten record. When it’s about success or failure, you really care about it.”

  • Third round

    “Teammate, you have to start listening,” Yafai’s coach Spencer McCracken told him during the break.

    For Yafai, the worst start was because his two fighting brothers were worried about him by the circus.

    Another stiff shot of Yafai turned his head back.

  • second round

    Cunningham is not a big boxer, but he cuts Yafai perfectly and hits the canvas.

    Yafai has left marks around his eyes.

    Cunningham’s move was also very good, not just landing.

    Yafai missed it so much, he almost flew over the rope and jumped out of the loop.

  • The second round-YAFAI DOWN!

    Cunningham landed with his left hand and then jabbed to the left. This was the perfect starting point for this round.

    Yafai stepped on every step of Cunningham.

    The crisp one or two from Cunningham landed again.

    Then, Cunningham’s jaw, he counted.

  • first round

    Tattoo Cunningham had some early success in resisting Yafai’s pressure.

    The tall South Claw marked Yafai with a few straight left hands.

    Yafai’s score was blocked by a lap, but Cunningham landed and the claw left again.

    Cunningham let Yafai miss several times at the end of the round to guarantee his meeting with the judge.

  • Jiafa Yafei vs Jason Quinningham

    Now, Sky Sports has a showdown on Yafai’s European Super Bantam Championship.

    Yafai, 29, is the brother of Kal and Galal, nicknamed “The Beast”.

    The weak challenger Cunningham was defeated by The Iceman…

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