The report warns that Uyghurs are being forced to labor in the solar panel supply chain. Business and Economic News

The report warns that Uyghurs are being forced to labor in the solar panel supply chain. Business and Economic News



The report says that Beijing’s Uyghur labor plan “is equivalent to forced population transfer and enslavement.”

A new report warns that China uses Uyghur forced labor in the global solar panel manufacturing supply chain.

According to a study by Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom, China’s “labor transfer” in the Northwest region, and human rights groups say that the Muslim minority Uighurs have suffered this transfer. Persecution and detentionDeployed in “an unprecedented coercive environment threatened by continuous re-education and internship threats.”

The report added that 45% of the world’s polysilicon manufacturers (the main material used in 95% of solar cell modules) are located in newly constructed Uyghur areas.

The survey “determined that many of China’s major raw material manufacturers, solar-grade polysilicon, ingots and wafer manufacturers indispensable for wafer manufacturing are operating organizations in the region, and they use the indigenous people in the region to transfer forced labor. Many of these manufacturers have good relations with the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.”

The report said: “The use of forced labor by these manufacturers has had a significant impact on the downstream manufacturers of solar cell modules and the governments, developers and consumers who purchase them.”

“Exposure Risk”

As countries become more committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the demand for solar panels is also growing.

The researchers identified 90 Chinese and international companies whose supply chains have some connection with forced labor.

They called on solar panel manufacturers to evaluate their supply chains and source materials from elsewhere, saying that the examples outlined in the report “are designed to provide stakeholders with evidence to judge the risk of forced labor in the solar supply chain.” . .

International pressure on Beijing to allow access to Xinjiang is increasing, and Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States held a virtual United Nations conference on Thursday condemn Documented abuse of rights. China has repeatedly denied this accusation.

Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Karamad told the incident that about 1 million Uighurs and mainly Muslim minorities in the area were arbitrarily detained.

The United States says that President Biden will urge allies Increase stress In June, he conducted an investigation into Beijing on the so-called forced labor issue at his first leadership meeting.


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