The police identified 47 gun suspects a week, but did not prosecute due to lack of evidence

COPS identified 47 gun suspects each week, but failed to prosecute due to lack of evidence.

In the past five years, such cases have surged from 449 to 2,460.

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The accused dropped from 54% to 28%Credit: Getty

In fear of retaliation, victims often do not want to be witnesses.

Numbers from Policemen The firearm incident logs in England and Wales show that crime has almost doubled in the past five years.

But those accused fell from 54% to 28%. David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention calls this trend “deeply concerned.”

He added: “Serious crimes like this require proper detective work, but there is no doubt that too many police officers would rather sit on the Internet looking for anyone who caused a crime online than go outside to catch the real criminal.

“Now is the time for the police to prove this view wrong.

“Gun crime is always related to the drug trade. These crimes need to be prioritized.”

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