Steven Guilbeault is trying to connect with big technology companies.not good

Steven Guilbeault is trying to connect with big technology companies.not good



in a Interview last fallHeritage Minister Steven Guilbeault compared today’s Internet giants (platforms such as Facebook and Google) with the major polluters he has fought for years as an environmental activist.

This comparison is very interesting, even apt, and can explain how Gilbert is now tasked with controlling the behemoth of a new generation of multinational corporations. The struggle that Gilbert (Guilbeault) fought before entering the government was about the future of the earth, and the struggle between the government and the big technology companies was, In the words of Taylor OwenFounding Director of McGill University Media, Technology and Democracy Center, “On the future of freedom and democracy itself.”

But this comparison should remind Gilboo that this battle is not easy and he will need as many allies as possible. He might also have guessed that becoming a cabinet minister and passing a bill would mean strict scrutiny of each statement-possibly different from anything he faced in his previous career.

Now Gilbert and the Liberal government need to worry that their clumsy handling of the C-10 bill (which should be the first in a series of measures aimed at regulating big technology) will make it more difficult to win the battle in the future.

Watch: Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault questions C-10

Alberta’s New Democratic Party member Heather McPherson asked Heritage Minister Stephen Guilbeault about some Canadians’ concerns about the Internet Regulation Act. 5:23

With growing concerns about C-10, the Legacy Committee called Gilbert again this week and showed up for an hour on Friday afternoon. If he is completely shaken or shocked by the events of the past few weeks, it is not obvious.

The basic purpose of the bill is to modernize the Broadcasting Act and bring some major streaming media sites (such as YouTube and Netflix) within the same Canadian content regulations as traditional broadcasters. For example, it will ensure that those US platforms pay fees to Canadian producers’ funds.

The bill was first introduced in the House of Representatives in November, but it didn’t really become a flashpoint until a few weeks ago.

During the committee’s study in April, most committee members voted to delete a clause in the bill that excluded content uploaded to social media from the regulations. The reason for removing this clause is that it may inadvertently exclude YouTube from the regulations.

Gilber’s many mistakes

but The expert quickly warned, If there is no such exclusion, social media companies will have to Check content uploaded by Canadians, This may violate citizens’ freedom of speech.

To successfully solve these problems requires careful and steady hands. But Gilbert has tried his best to make things more difficult.

First of all, the minister Struggling in an interview with CBC Power and politics Explain why the change was made.Then, after insisting that the government has no interest in regulating Canadian social media activities, he Suggested in another interview Social media users with a large number of followers may be subject to regulation.

Within a day, the minister Retracted the statement, Admit that he “should be more precise.”This is the second time in his short ministerial career that he had to Eat his own words Regarding the government’s intentions.

A few days later, Gilbert (Guilbeault) tweeted what others said that “commercial interests” were carrying out “deliberate misinformation propaganda”. The tweet led an expert to accuse the minister of using “Trump’s tacticsCritics who opposed him.

Popular in Quebec

Nonetheless, Gilbert and the government can learn from the bill that seems to be Popular in Quebec, The artistic and cultural communities are very aware of the need to create and reserve space for French content.

Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party obviously does not care about their opposition to the votes that the C-10 may lose in Quebec, but they firmly believe that the bill poses a threat to freedom of speech. Sign up among supporters and they are ready to believe that Justin Trudeau is eager to review his tweets.

Watch: Erin O’Toole says he will abolish C-10

Conservative party leader Erin O’Toole talked with reporters from the Ottawa City Center Party’s media studio. 1:06

On Friday, Conservative MP Rachael Harder (Rachael Harder) further advanced the Conservative argument, arguing that the combination of clumsy CanCon rules and new social media regulations will cause people like Justin Bieber to never be Find.

(Depending on your music preferences, this may not actually count as an argument Oppose Bills. )

Armed New analysis from the Department of Justice Say one Newly revised version C-10 members will not infringe on their rights to the Charter of Freedom of Speech. Gilbert insists that his bill does not regulate content created by Canadians, and cites opinion poll data showing that Canadians support the kind of platform his government is pursuing. Regulations.

However, New Democratic Party Congressman Heather McPherson pleaded with the minister to make some contributions and reach out to experts who are concerned about the serious shortcomings of C-10. She said: “I must be disappointed in your work and communication methods in managing this legislation.”

Guilbeault seemed unmoved, and eventually suggested that some experts simply oppose all controls on Internet platforms-this is one of the main academic voices in the field of technology law in Canada, Michael Geist claimed to be “Totally wrong. “

C-10 is still likely to end in a widely acceptable form when it passes the estate committee, the House of Representatives conducts a third-reading vote and further studies in the Senate.

But C-10 is just the beginning, only a small part of a larger puzzle. Gilber should also enact legislation requiring platforms to eliminate hate speech and deal with other “online hazards.” He promised that soon platforms like Facebook will be needed to compensate news producers.Innovation Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne tried Overhaul of the Digital Privacy Act.

Delayed participation, the challenges brought by these platforms all over the world are extensive and profound, to the extent that Guilbeault and its counterparts in several other Western countries Unite to help each other. This may be another similarity between the fight against climate change and the fight against big technology.

However, the same spirit of cooperation may provide references for Gilbert’s domestic strategy. If he is to seek a lasting solution, then he will need as much goodwill as possible. He needs to explain clearly. He needs to avoid alienating every informed observer.

So far, progress has not been smooth. And it will not get easier.


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