Sirianni, Eagles already knows that Jalen Hurts will be the starting QB, even if they have not yet accepted

The Eagles-especially head coach Nick Sirianni (Nick Sirianni) has been reluctant to name Jalen Hurts as the starting quarterback for the 2021 season, despite the fact that he is only a quarter of the two quarters currently on the roster. The other is the elderly Joe Flacco, who is presumably his mentor and supported the QB and former Heisman finalists in the second year.

*Yes, they also have UDFA Jamie Newman (Jamie Newman), but he has a long way to go to build a 53-man lineup.

Despite this, Siriani did everything possible to promote the game in quarterbacks and all other positions, including coaches, and has not even appointed Hurts as the favorite of the position, but adopted the “nothing” approach.

But Sirianni’s words at the Friday press conference after the first day of the Eagles rookie mini-training camp may indicate that although the QB competition is still going on in the NovaCare building in public, the game is over. Everyone knows it. (To be honest, no matter how passionate Sirianni is to compete, we all know that everyone outside the building knows this).

Let’s see if you can find this in the answer to Jeff McLane’s question, the question is whether they’re designing an offense against Hutts’ travels, or if they’re just using him with the pony The offense of running together has been slightly adjusted…

“I don’t believe that when you just say’this is our offense, let’s go’, this is a good coach.” You learned that your talent is “this” and your talent is “that”. But this is how we operate. That’s not a good offensive football. “Good offensive football, good defensive football and good special team football are adapting to the players you have and using their strengths.

“Of course, Jalen has a strong ability to expand the game, move and expand the game, so we will definitely focus on these things and are doing these things. We spend a lot of time on quarterbacks. .Mobile, it’s the same for Miles [Sanders]. Miles, what is he suitable for? Again, when we play with him, we will discover more of these things, but it still depends on the skill level of each person.

“But we are doing a lot of offense, [Eagles offensive coordinator Shane] Steichen did a great job. The offensive coaches really conveyed the information to the players and installed them. The players also did a great job in learning the information. “

do you understand? on”Adapt to the players you have and use their strengths? “

For starters, it’s great to hear Sirianni’s answer. He is building his own system, based on the player’s strength, rather than building on a fast system that he doesn’t want to change. Doug Pederson did a great job in this area too-look at him and his offensive coordinator Frank Reich in 2017 with Nick Foles (Nick Foles). ), and Sirianini is a Reich student, so it can be said with certainty that he is willing to adjust his system according to his players.

In a football game, no player is more important than the quarterback. If you want to design an offense against any player, it will be QB. This is especially true for a quarterback like Hurts, whose mobility and ability (not to mention willingness) give his legs more play, which brings a new look to the field. It is improper to design an offense that compels him to be a todler. The good news is that Sirianni doesn’t seem to plan any such things.

But all this assumes one big thing: Sirianni and Co. already know that injury is the starting point for a quarterback.

They may be reluctant to speak publicly, but if he and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen are building their first system together and plan to install it in the summer, then they don’t need to know that Hurts and his unique set of skills will become QB1?

In fact, according to Sirianni himself, the Hawks have actually begun to install a large number of offensive methods, which means that they have an understanding of the state of this team when they go out, at least in this case you believe Sirianni’s words , And believe that he is building his own system around the players, not the other way around, although it is difficult to combine this proposition with another proposition of the coach-every position has an open game.

Either way, hearing what Sirianni said, Hurts will absorb the offense in the way you want your quarterback to start.

“With Jalen, it is working hard every day to get better. We are learning to offense. We are participating in virtual meetings. We are learning to offense. Jalen has done a lot of work in learning offense. I will say there, he gave people I was very impressed. His control is really good.” said the head coach of the first year. “When we participate in these virtual meetings in virtual drills, again, when I sit there and watch the viewers perform virtual drills, I can’t talk enough about the offensive personnel. I think that’s really great.

“And Jalen has done a good job of teaching him the drama, and he can really get rid of what he should do in every drama. It will be exciting to play with him and him. Things, see him do it himself.”

Of course, they may start with more basic concepts, but the point remains: when the Hawks won the Atlanta title on September 12, Hurts was not a starter.

After all, if you don’t yet know who these players will be, how to launch an offense around their players, especially when these two “competing” QB jobs are diametrically opposed.

If you sign a young, more mobile quarterback instead of Flacco during the offseason, you might be able to persuade fans to participate in a real QB game in the camp, but Flacco and Hurts are no different in actual combat. One is the definition of a small ball passer, and the other is to become one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league once he moves. Therefore, the crime led by Hurts looks very different from the crime committed by Flacco.

Sirianni still swears to compete in QB, just like every position on the roster. However, when you hear that he has a more detailed understanding of these “matches”, it is obvious that, at least in some positions, it is more like a way to promote his players than a real game, rather than a real game. .

“You won’t leave this, will you?” Sirianni smiled after being asked several questions about Hurts and this QB competition. “No, I mean, this is a game in every position. The game is great. The game improves the entertainment of everyone. The entertainment of everyone. If you come in and there are people competing with you every day, that will Make you better.

“This is part of our strategy, and we want everyone to feel that they are competing for their own work. I am competing for their own work. Shane [Steichen] Is competing for his job. [Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan] Gannon is competing for his job. Just like every day, there are many people who want to do what we do in the NFL, right? Therefore, we must compete-we must fight-everyone in the team must fight every day to become better and competitive, and competition is never a bad thing. In my opinion, competition is never a bad thing. The location does not matter. This is by no means a bad thing. It needs people, and when you compete, the cream rises to the highest. “

In fact, the development from this point to his promising rock, paper, and scissors games is not far away. Playboy is super competitive.He might be that Racing on the ATM.

But he does have one thing. Irons can make irons and everything else sharper, and this type of thinking will undoubtedly have a greater impact on the transition of the locker room, just like the current situation with the Eagles. Senior leaders will need to ensure that they are not at a loss. From the beginning, they will teach young people the opportunity to race against time and take everything for granted, and the budding coaching staff will be with them.

At least for Hurts, the real game may not appear until the season really begins, when he must prove that he deserves to lead the team forward. The person he is going to compete with is not even on the list.

After this year, the Eagles will make a major decision in QB, which is almost like the 17-game audition for Hutts in the 2021 season. Next year, the Birdies may get three first-round picks, which means that if Hutts fails to get what they want, next year they will have ammunition to advance and draft any QB they want. In addition, they still have enough assets to trade a senior passerby, which Ciliani dismissed on Friday.

Nonetheless, whether or not Hurts keeps going will be the biggest topic of the year, regardless of whether the Hawks need to make a decision in one way or another, if Hurts is mediocre this season, it will become more and more difficult. In some respects, the Hawks are better than sloppy (which doesn’t even take into account what a bad season means for the Hawks’ draft). At least the decision will be easier to make.

But Sirianni has not considered this for the time being-considering he only coached his first NFL practice on Friday, can you really blame him? Instead, he only focused on being better than yesterday. And he hopes to see the same situation from players including Hurts.

“Again, we’re just trying to get better every day. I don’t even know what it will be like to be honest with you in 2022,” Sirianni said. “It’s about getting better. It’s a long process, and I like its process. Only every day, you have the opportunity to get better over and over again.

“Yes, this applies to Jalen getting better, and it applies to everyone in our team, getting better every day. This is what we care about now, and how we will become better tomorrow is the same as today Than, do we have to prepare today so that we can become better tomorrow? Honestly, this is everything that every player in our team cares about.”

Sirianni hopes that competition is the way to do this, whether it is real, man-made or otherwise.

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