San Diego County deep ocean, cool conditions

San Diego (CNS)-The National Weather Service said it expects an unusually cool upper trough to pass through San Diego County on Saturday and Sunday, maintaining cool conditions in the deep ocean and west of the mountains, accompanied by drizzle and light rain.

It is expected that Saturday’s wind and extremely low humidity will increase the risk of fire in the desert until the humid and cool air arrives on Sunday. The forecaster said that a consultation on wind directions in mountains and deserts was issued from 2pm Saturday to 5am Monday.

NWS said some light drizzle was measured in Northwest County on Saturday morning. The cloud will be difficult to clear, but it should be partially broken at noon.

The coastal high temperature on Saturday is expected to be 65-70 degrees, with an overnight low of 53-58, with possible showers and light rain. The trough high will be 69-74, the overnight low will be 46-54, and there may be light rain.

The mountain height is expected to reach 66-76, the overnight low will fall to 39-44, and there may be light rain. The desert high will be 93-98, the overnight low will be 55-62 and 45 mph of wind blowing sand and dust.

It is predicted that the rainfall on the coastal slopes on Sunday can be measured to about a quarter of an inch, or more rainfall in the wettest uphill areas.

A weaker high pressure is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday because the weather is warm and dry, especially in the inland areas.

The NWS said it expects another storm system to travel through central California in the middle of the week, deepen the ocean layer in coastal areas, and resume cool weather and mountain and desert winds on Thursday.

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