RHOP alumni Monique Samuels revealed that her cousin had been murdered and claimed that “this is an evil world”

Manique Samuels mourned his cousin, mourned his life, and said: “This is an evil world.”

This Real Potomac Housewives The star revealed that she will not return to the Bravo franchise in December 2020.


Monique’s cousin was killed on Thursday.Image credit: Monique Samuels / Instagram

Monique, 37 years old, going to Instagram I was sorrowful for the tragedy of my cousin last night.

Reality Star and the separated family posted a sweet selfie because the two laughed happily in the photo.

The TV character added subtitles to her upload: “This is too painful ?????? can hardly fall asleep… incredible.

She shared: “Please pray for my family. ?? My cousin was killed last night. One of the best people you will meet. He is always smiling and taking care of everyone.”


Image credit: Monique Samuels / Instagram
Reality TV stars can


Reality TV stars can “barely fall asleep” in tragedyCredit: Bravo

“He is a great father to his son, and he minds his business. We live in an evil world where life is no longer valued, which is sad.”

Then, Monique thanked the fans for their “all prayers” because she explained the other circumstances of her family “now they are in great need”.

She said sternly: “I don’t even know what to say. Who did this? I hope you rot in the deepest and darkest pit in hell.”

Fans, friends and Real housewife The two protagonists raced to express their condolences to the Bravo star.


Image credit: Monique Samuels / Instagram
Monique quit RHOP after season 5


Monique quit RHOP after season 5Credit: Bravo

A family member commented: “I just can’t do it,” Monique replied: “All I can think of is that he said over and over again,’I love you thief. I love you, sister.”

After the turbulent season 5 of RHOP ended, the New Jersey native announced that she Won’t return to the show.

The business woman shared the news on Instagram Live, where she told fans “she has accepted.”

She explained: “It’s not easy to do reality TV, and to be honest… I have accepted it. I have accepted it.”

The three-year-old mother believed that the play


The three-year-old mother believed that the play “crossed certain boundaries” in her life.Credit: Getty
She quarreled with Candiace Dillard last season


She quarreled with Candiace Dillard last seasonCredit: Bravo
The ladies are caught in a fierce battle


The ladies are caught in a fierce battleCredit: Bravo

“I thank people for everything they have done for me, everyone including the Monique team, I love you, and I thank you.

“But when you cross certain boundaries, there is no turning back. To me, my family is that boundary.” Tea With Monique star said.

“The opinions of my family and children and their opinions on what I have done are more valuable to me than anyone’s opinions, so I object to this.”

Monique added Drama throughout the show, That is, she and Candias Dillard, Her life and interpersonal relationship are “very exhausting”.

The show caused trouble to her marriage


The show caused trouble to her marriageImage Credit: Instagram / Monique Samuels
She wants to set a better example for her children


She wants to set a better example for her childrenCredit: Bravo

After rumors that he was not the father of their third child Chase, the fifth season studied her marriage to former NFL player Chris Samuels.

“If my children were to grow up and say they watched everything and then watched the show, how would I react to them?” she asserted.

“What’s the satisfaction? I want to represent real black love and show people something beyond the stereotypes of television.”

Monique added that although she “worked overtime” to “check” herself, she still “played that stereotype” because it was the exact opposite of what she wanted to “show in TV shows and in real life”. “

“For my children, I will always be a good role model and role model. You must know when enough is enough. And enough is enough,” the reality star concluded.

RHOP’s Monique Samuels quit the show after he quarreled with Candiace Dillard and said “hate has come true”

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