Rangers fans forced Sky Sports to evacuate the studio after “violating security” during a championship party celebration in Ibrox

RANGERS fans caused a security breach, which forced Sky to evacuate its side detachment to a safer location in the stands When they Climb the walls of Ibrox.

Faithful believer in light blue Have a crazy headline party Their team celebrated raising the Premier League trophy after beating Aberdeen.


Fans of Rangers climbed up the famous blue Ibrox gateCredit: PA
Some supporters expanded the walls of Ibrox


Some supporters expanded the walls of IbroxCredit: Reuters

In the invincible league season, the victory also ended successfully Gels.

Since early this morning, thousands of fans have camped outside the Ibrox camp, setting off smoke bombs and flares, and waving huge colorful flags.

Sky’s Eilidh Barbour, Ally McCoist, and Kris Boyd’s TV team are reporting on the game, and when the celebration reaches new heights inside and outside the stadium, the host revealed that they must evacuate their positions and set up an impromptu studio in the Ibrox stands. .

Barber said: “Due to some safety hazards in the stadium here, we had to leave the studio.

Ally McCoist interviewed Steven Gerrard in the Ibrox stand


Ally McCoist interviewed Steven Gerrard in the Ibrox standCredit: Reuters

“Outside fans started to appear on the wall, so we have moved.

“But I still have Kris Boyd and Ally McCoist. I won’t let them leave here to enjoy the party on the court.”

Then, Barbour asked Gers legend McCoist what he thought of the celebration.

McCust became the manager of the Rangers team in 2012, when the club was relegated to the fourth tier of Scottish football.

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He remained in charge until 2014, and admitted that it was an exciting day for him because he remembered everything that had happened in nine years-including the unprecedented success of Old Firm’s competitor Celtics across the city. .

The forward stated that under normal circumstances, some of his signings would not be “near” Ibrox.

Rangers Champions Party Crowd Latest

When asked if he was emotional, McCust told Sky Sports: “Yes, Elid. My initial thoughts were supporters who performed well throughout the administration and liquidation period, and their support for the club was huge.

“I also imagine that people like Sandy Jardine are no longer with us.

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“He used to come to the office, and when we went through that period, we chewed fat and complained right about everything.

“By then, some people will be unemployed.

“To be honest, some players who have been to the third prize will never be near Ibrox, but I am always grateful to the guys who helped us. They did a great job with Steven and a boy this season.

“This is an amazing achievement, exciting, yes.”

Rangers fans rioted the hero before the Premier League championship party and were then driven away by the police

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