Photos of pro-Palestinian protests

During the protests, thousands of people around the world expressed their support for the Palestinians Some of the worst fights Since the 2014 Gaza War, there have been clashes between Israelis and Palestinians. Demonstrators from Canada to Japan waved flags and chanted “Free Palestine” on Saturday.

The protests stemmed from increased tension and violence in the area, at least 145 Palestinians and 10 Israelis were killed, Including children.

The violence began last week when Israeli security forces raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, injuring dozens of believers. Hamas retaliated with rockets.Israeli police also Violently suppress the protesters Demonstrations opposed the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes near Sheikh Jarrah.

Video also shows Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System A series of rockets were intercepted in the night sky, illuminating the night sky.

On Saturday, Israel launched an air strike Attacked a refugee camp in Gaza, Killed eight children and two women. A few hours later, more airstrikes destroyed a 12-story residential building in the Gaza Strip containing international news organizations such as the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. The move was widely condemned as a threat to press freedom in the region.

The Israeli military claimed that it was necessary to strike on the building. The strike was so rapid that the reporter had to leave the equipment behind because it containedHamas military intelligence assets.“However, the Associated Press Say “There is no indication that Hamas is in or inside the building.”

A statement from the news organization said: “This is something we do our best to actively check.” “We will never intentionally put our reporters at risk.”

President Joe Biden had a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, Express “serious concern” The content of the call revealed the relevant situation, but did not directly mention the Israeli air strikes.

The latest round of violence has led people around the world to unite, and some demonstrators have faced police violence as a result.

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