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Ferguson supports Solskjaer

Former Manchester United manager and Cubs legend Sir Alex Ferguson supports current boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ferguson believes that Solskjaer understands the basic principles established by the club.

“I think Ole is always very good at communicating,” Sir Alex said to the BBC: “Even if he is on the bench-he spends a lot of time sitting on the bench!

“He will keep a record of training courses, and he has the will and the way forward, he wants to be a manager.

“For a club like Manchester United, this is a result industry. There is no doubt. If you don’t get the result, you will ask questions.

He has achieved results, and he did a very good job, which is very important for the introduction of this club, which is very important for this club.

“He provides opportunities for young players. I think that will always be the basis for Manchester United.

From Matt Busby, from Alex Ferguson to what Ole did-young people, if they are good enough, go and play. In this club, this has never been a problem. “


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