Kenny said the unexploded MOVE blast remains found after it was believed to have been destroyed

City officials said they found the remains of victims of the MOVE bombing in 1985, which were previously believed to have been cremated and discarded a day after former health commissioner Thomas Farley resigned due to improper handling of the remains.

This news is coming Thirty six years During the police attack on the black liberation organization MOVE, after Philadelphia officials dropped C4 explosives in a row house in West Philadelphia, the organization destroyed dozens of houses and killed 11 people.

city Announced on Thursday According to Farley’s order, the remains were cremated and disposed of in 2017, without consulting their family members. However, city officials announced on Friday that they found two boxes marked “MOVE” in the medical inspector’s office, containing fragments of the victim’s bones. Mayor Jim Kenny said.

“After comparing the contents of the box with the 2017 bone samples and fragment lists, they appear to be cremated remains four years ago,” Kenny said in a statement.

MOVE members and relatives of bomb victims Mike Africa Jr., Tell CNN They are not sure how many human remains are in the newly discovered box.

“They discovered that the remains had not been incinerated, they still own them, and nothing more,” Africa says. “They said they should be (incinerated), but some people didn’t follow the order.”

Kenny said that the incident is still under investigation and the details of the incident are not yet clear. The city’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Sam Gulino, is currently on administrative leave awaiting a full investigation.

Kenny said: “I am very pleased to find that these remains were not destroyed, but I am also very sorry for the unnecessary suffering caused to African families by this torture. Directed by Dr. Farley. Obviously, the procedures used by the medical examination office. There are many things that can be improved.”

Farley in a statement He had instructed medical inspectors in the city to dispose of bones and debris in 2017, but did not consult the families of the victims.

After the news broke, he announced his resignation. Less than a month later, there were reports that the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University had placed the remains without the knowledge of their family members. WHYY report.

Kenny said: “This action lacks sympathy for the victims, their families, and the MOVE bomb attack has brought about 40 years of heavy suffering to our city.”

Kenny said that once the investigation is completed, the city will return the body to his family.

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