Health worker arrested after Calgary mayor candidate threatened to attend illegal gathering

Health worker arrested after Calgary mayor candidate threatened to attend illegal gathering



Calgary mayor candidate Kevin J. Johnston (Kevin J. Johnston) threatened to arm himself and go to the homes of health workers. He was arrested after attending an illegal rally on Saturday.

The police said the gathering was held on Saturday morning, in violation of the Queen’s Court’s Supreme Court Order, which established public health restrictions on event organizers.

Johnston posted his own video about his intention to arrest health workers when he was elected mayor. Last Saturday he was found approaching the police, who were carrying out health orders during a protest against pandemic-related health restrictions in downtown Calgary.

The police said in an emailed press release: “We are at a critical moment in the province’s response to the pandemic. Citizens must abide by public health orders to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.”

Johnston faces charges for hate crimes and assault, and he is known for organizing, leading and protesting protests against public health restrictions during the pandemic.

He had previously tried to release the private information of Alberta Health Services employees.

Concerns about the voter list

On Friday, AHS was granted a restraining order against Johnston to prevent him from obstructing or interfering with AHS and its employees, including public health officials.

According to the order, he is prohibited from contacting, recording or photographing AHS employees, visiting AHS sites for non-medical purposes, or going to the homes of AHS officials or employees.

After Johnston was registered as a candidate for mayor, there were concerns that he might soon be allowed to access a list that includes the name, address and phone number of every Calgarian who is eligible to vote.

The City of Calgary stated that it is exploring legal options regarding voter lists.

Johnston is currently facing a charge of assault in British Columbia and a hate crime charge in Ontario. None of these allegations have been proven in court.


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