For the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the story of the dog is more important than the apartheid in Israel.U.S. and Canada

For the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the story of the dog is more important than the apartheid in Israel.U.S. and Canada


For most of the Canadian media, news of dead dogs is more newsworthy than the suffering and death of imprisoned Palestinians.

In particular, the shameful and inevitable prosecution against reporters from the Canadian national radio station Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

If CBC and you doubt this, please keep these facts in mind.

On April 27th, Human Rights Watch (HRW), the darling of the Western press, published a 213-page report. This report was late and found that Israel had been ruthlessly and systematically persecuted almost at the beginning of the project. Palestinians.

The fundamental motivation of Israel’s ruthless and systematic persecution of Palestinians is not to ensure the safety of Israelis. On the contrary, Israel’s sinister goal is to impose racial supremacy on occupied Palestine and to press Palestinians into slums with cruel and inhuman efficiency.

So far, the familiar scenes of Israeli fanatic mobs-in uniforms and uniforms-attacking occupied Jerusalem to resist the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland have vividly proved Israel’s malice. Of course, babies and children have limp limbs and so are their crippled images-all of these are the victims of the brutal Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Human Rights Watch concluded that Israel has committed the crime of apartheid for generations. This is a problem of international law, not an understatement.

The HRW report published a lot of news on this page and other major media around the world, and aroused many comments. But not in Canada. And, most blatantly, not in CBC’s many publicly funded digital and broadcast platforms.

Although the network has received a preview, on April 27, no CBC reporter made any comments on the HRW report, nor did it take any time.

Now, on May 8, the lovely Portuguese water dog Bo of the Obama family died of cancer. In the title of a long story about the deceased published online by CBS, Bo Xilai was described as a “White House celebrity.”

Therefore, in the superb calculations of CBC reporters, the passage of the “celebrity” dog constitutes “news” and requires the urgent attention of Canadians, but Israel has recorded crimes against humanity committed by besieged Palestinians-ruthless ten years later -Not even guaranteed.Mentioned by the Internet on April 27th and saved for this Burial, by reference, The days after that.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has not invited Palestinian Canadians to discuss the careful findings and recommendations of the Human Rights Watch report in any of its news or current affairs programs, asking them to pay attention because they could have provided Canadian viewers with a guiding framework to make them understand Israel’s obvious Record of aggression. .

CBC’s institutional embargo against HRW reports is not only a fading regret, an indelible stain, but also a clear violation of the public broadcaster’s unique and said to be sacred and inviolable regulations, which require Canadians to provide “Inform, inspire and…reflect” programs[s] National and regional audiences in Canada and its territories”.

Why is the HRW report not covered?

To answer this question, I posed several questions via email to the 17 hosts of CBC’s most popular news and current affairs shows to illustrate that they personally and collectively failed to “inform, inspire,” and allow Canadians, including numbers Ten capable and willing Palestinians. -Canadians will publicly “reflect” Human Rights Watch reports from April 27th.

These suddenly silent reporters became television and radio figures, and they made a living. not one. Instead, they diverted me to the CBC public relations officer.

Their sad hypocrisy is in their clear, disgraceful performance.

These CBC reporters often praise the virtues of the fourth class and the broadcasting companies they serve, which is an indispensable means of holding powerful public and private individuals and institutions accountable. Hold them accountable.

Just like celebrities, these celebrity journalists follow their public relations “people” endorsements and protect them from difficult problems.

In a series of emails, CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson admitted that CBC “has not published any stories about the Human Rights Watch report since April 27.”

Later, when he was oppressed, he claimed that “No one in CBC News has an e-order (and no story) to cover up this report. Every day, during the entire service process, our planning team will follow its own program content Make independent editorial decisions”.

Translation: Yes, it is true. All CBC reporters who work on all these news and current affairs programs decided not to report on Human Rights Watch on the same day. They made all these editorial decisions themselves. But by no means collusion. This is just a miracle.

This is ridiculous, and shamefully, for all kinds of irrefutable reasons, the suffering, myopic CBS reporters and their pretexts for lobbying alliances ultimately need to be understood. This is simply ridiculous.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is also owned by Canadian Palestinians. Not only are they no longer regarded as intangible, but as “others” in Canadian public broadcasting.

Therefore, when a major human rights organization discovers that Palestinians have been systematically insulted, expelled, imprisoned, tortured, murdered and their ancestors’ houses stolen due to Israeli apartheid, their voices must be heard repeatedly and clearly on CBC.

In addition, CBC is no longer allowed to apply transparent double standards when it comes to international human rights “abusers”.

Check some evidence of conviction.

On January 14, 2020, CBC released Online story In a Human Rights Watch report, China’s human rights atrocities were mentioned.

This is the eye-catching main paragraph of the story: “Human Rights Watch issued a severe review of the Chinese government in its annual report, calling on the international community to oppose’China’s most brutal and widespread oppression in decades.'”

Three years ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a 22-minute documentary This made Russia a crosshair in the press and explained to the audience in the headlines: how Canada set out to punish Russia’s human rights abusers.

When Human Rights Watch determined that Israel was convicted of dealing with the wholesale of Palestinians, illegal persecution and apartheid in Occupied Palestine, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation regarded the crime as taboo and did not conduct telephone calls in Canada and abroad to demand Israel Punish their crimes.

By banning a forum for Palestinian writers, scholars and historians in Canada to report, inspire and reflect on Human Rights Watch’s severe report, the CBC deliberately prevented Canadians from checking the historical background to understand the recent national recognition of the outbreak throughout the occupied Palestine Violence.

Israel’s illegal and imminent deportation of Palestinians from their homes in occupied Jerusalem, its unilateral suppression of Palestinians’ right to assemble, and its bloody, blasphemous attacks on Palestinian followers, one of the holiest places for Muslims, The indiscriminate killing of children, women and men, and the disproportionate killing of the Gaza Strip are not the latest “spasms” of the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict”.

As Human Rights Watch clearly pointed out, these are acts of the occupying forces whose intention is to beat, slam and bomb Palestinians to leave their land and presence.

That kind of self-righteous, “progressive” human rights and rule-based apostle Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also likes to speak and not do anything about Israeli crimes. Recently, he has been busy giving frictionless interviews to self-righteous reporters who have enjoyed T-ball matches with the pretentious prime minister and self-proclaimed Internet celebrities.

It is foreseeable that Trudeau will never be challenged because Human Rights Watch succinctly and accurately sees it as a “reality on the ground”, thus making his weak, unconditional support for Israel a reality.

When he was reluctant to resolve the “realities on the ground,” the Canadian televised poster boy hypocritically persisted and hyped up, facing Israel’s permanent insults, violence and terror against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinians-yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just a few days ago, when the Israeli army was again in reserve, forcing the Palestinians to respect and obey, Trudeau declared like a clockwork puppet: “Canada supports Israel’s right to ensure its own security.”

Trudeau’s “policy” for occupied Palestine is like this: Palestinians should accept, accept, accept, accept, accept, accept, accept, as long as Israel is willing to insult them, cause them trauma, expel them, and steal from them Go, imprison them, torture them, kill them, shoot them, use cluster bombs on them, invade and slaughter them.

Canadian diplomats-stripped of all polite embroidery, and conducted a brutal, retrograde tender for Trudeau in the Middle East-have “reviewed” the HRW report for two weeks.

An official of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Canadian Department of Global Affairs, “resolutely rejected” my request to accept interviews about the brutal acts of apartheid in Israel and the cruel, familiar price launched by Occupied Palestine to resist it.

Like the unusual CBC News reporter gallery, diplomats in this country obviously have other more pressing issues.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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