Eagles Pouch: Build a 22-person offense/defense, each NFL team uses no more than one player

In the Eagles chat on Thursday, there were many questions that we could not solve in time, or other questions that we did answer, but more colors could be used. So let’s make a mailbag post to answer some overflow questions, as well as some common questions on Twitter and email.

Dr. S’s question: The best 22 starts, with no more than one player selected from the team (so if you choose Patrick Mahomes, you won’t have Travis Kelce).

QB: Chief Patrick Mahomes

RB: Derrick Henry, Titans

WR: Davante Adams, Packer

WR: Stephen Diggs, Bill

WR (slot): Keenan Allen, charger

TE: George Kittle of the 49ers

LT: Terron Armstead, Saint

LG: Quinton Nelson, Colts

C: Frank Ragnoff (Lion)

RG: Zack Martin, cowboy

RT: Jack Conklin, Brown

Edge: TJ Watt, Steelers

DT: Aaron Donald, Rams

DT: Fletcher Cox, Hawks

Edge: Khalil Mack, bear

LB: Bobby Wagner, Seahawks

LB: Devin White, pirate

CB: Xavien Howard, Dolphin

CB: James Bradberry, Giants

CB: Marlon Humphrey, Ravens

S: Marcus Meyer (Jet)

S: Bengal Jessie Bates (Jessie Bates)

MiG’s question: The advantage of becoming so rubbish last year is that the Eagles have a place in the order of exemption claims. Will you see any players interested in a team that might be laid off?

Yes, in the years when the Hawks entered the playoffs, they could not take over Kyrie Johnson, because some other teams with worse records would claim him before the Hawks had a chance. This is a small benefit, because the waived players are usually not respected players, but you can use the waiver order to help your lineup build better depth or developmental players.

I cannot predict which players the entire league will attract to attract the Eagles, but I would say that when the team reduces to 53 players in September, I hope the Eagles will be very active in the deductible trading market because (a) Their roster has depth issues in many positions, and (b) as you mentioned, they rank very high in the priority order of waiver requirements.

Bradco’s question: A very important year for Josh Sweat. Do we often ask for 10 sacks and good pressure?

Yes, if you are looking for 10 sacks, you will definitely ask for too much. He may support Derek Barnett again, I think it is reasonable to expect him to continue to receive good pressure in the game, but I don’t know if he is the one you want to take a lot of snapshots. Some people believe I heard that the more he plays, the lower his efficiency will be.

Question from Flipadelphia: What is the best training camp battle you have seen? LT? CB2? WR3 / 4?

Jordan Mailata vs. Andre Dillard will be the most notable battle in the training camp. Then, yes, what I’m going to say is that CB2 can win in terms of the starting point, right there, especially if they just don’t sign a veterinarian.

A wider receiver will require more nuances. DeVonta Smith and Jalen Reagor will start work unless there is any unexpected development, but I don’t think anyone can call them WR3 or WR4. The use of receivers other than Smith and Reagor may be based on peer-to-peer, because backups come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and skills.

I think security is another issue worthy of attention. Anthony Harris will start the game, but Rodney McLeod is probably not ready for the beginning of the season, so you are looking for people like Marcus Epps, Cologne Wallace and Anthony Adams A contest between such people. If I have to choose something I like now, I don’t think this will become a popular guess, but I will choose Epps.

Michael K’s question: Do you think Kerryon Johnson or Jordan Howard has a better performance on the list? Howard seems to be declining, but they don’t have many “north/south” types. Statistics show that an injured RB like Johnson rarely recovers, but he seems to be known for passing the ball well. In your eyes, does he provide enough advantage in Howard’s pass to get a nod? Are there other factors that may be important?

I agree with your point that the Hawks do not have special confusing fists, but I am not sure if Howard will do this in his career. He even wondered if the Eagles signed his career before the offseason.

I think that Johnson’s offer is more comprehensive, even if he is not the type of sledgehammer I agree with, it doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, neither of these individuals is a long-term answer.

The question of Jimmy’s long-lost son: If you don’t give the Eagles a good offer, do you think the Eagles will keep Zach Ertz?

I will sort the potential results as follows:

  1. The Hawks traded Ertz for low-value picks, or some other players who had no influence, or Ertz was included in a larger deal, his equation is not very valuable.
  2. The Eagles released him.
  3. The Hawks are good for him (fourth round pick or higher).
  4. The Eagles kept him.

I would also like to point out that I believe the gap between 1 and 2 is not big, but the gap between 2 and 3 is very big.

problem From geonerd: Could the Eagles sign any available punters? Or do you think they will sign any agreement?

It was pointed out in the chat that Max Duffy (Kentucky) has not signed any place. This surprised me. I think he will at least become a UDFA signer for a certain team.

He is indeed “CFL Global DraftIn fact, Arryn Siposs, the only punter in the Hawks lineup, was also selected as the draft pick, second only to Duffy, haha.

Anyway, we Duffy was reported in January. Eagle, I am really not demanding. Bastard, give me a crazy betting game.

Dr. S’s question: Are the selected players’ sports and body position measurement percentiles compared with those of the year’s track and field? Or is it the cumulative grade of all drafts?

Those spider graphs (via the mocking website) compare all players that have competed in the combination (including any records I have obtained in professional competitions) since 1999. I really want to know if they should actually narrow the scope a bit in order to make a better idea of ??comparing the athletic ability of the athletes.

For example, in 1999, most players did not train for months or even months to specifically train these movements, and now they almost do it. In other words, players whose drafting time is close to 1999 have worse average measurability in sports than players whose drafting time is close to 2021.

Question for Petey X: I need a debate with my girlfriend. How much should you tip the pizza delivery guy?

I have worked in restaurants in the past, so, like many former restaurant staff, I may have to tip compared to others. However, as far as food delivery personnel are concerned, I think most people tip these lads/lads less than their waiters/tips in restaurants, I don’t understand.

Think about what you will get. You make a one-minute call, and someone will cook for you and deliver it to your house. You hardly need to leave the sofa. The biggest inconvenience is that you have to pause any programs that have been binge-watched for three hours, such as one or two minutes. I mean, there are many services in this world that do not meet expectations. This is an invaluable treasure. I think many of us take it for granted. Therefore, the person who lets you push food to your face is worth your time.

Tips are at least 20% and the minimum is $5. For example, if your order is only $15, you still have to give the driver $5. Therefore, no matter who is on the side of “you don’t have to tip those people”, either stop cheap or pick up the money yourself. ?

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