“Dear Kobe, thank you”: The Lakers legend is loaded on the basketball court

Vanessa Bryant took the hand of Michael Jordan and walked off the stage. When she returned to her seat, a familiar singing came from the entire stage.

“Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” the crowd shouted.

With him, he finally officially became a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Now Kobe Bryant and contemporary Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are attending the meeting. This is the front page figure of a group of nine people who were postponed for the long-awaited entrance ceremony on Saturday night, more than a year after being announced as the 2020 conference hall.

Vanessa Bryant said: “Now, I’m sure he is laughing in heaven, because I want to praise him in public.”

She did it, her purple dress complemented the traditional colors of the Los Angeles Lakers, and she gave a speech in the evening saying that her husband was not here to end the night.

Vanessa Bryant said: “There will never be someone like Kobe.” “Kobe is one of them. He is special. He is humble-off the court-but more important than life.”

Kobe, Duncan and Garnett participated in three-time NCAA championship coach Kim Muki, two-time NBA championship coach Rudy Tomjanovich, four-time Olympic gold medalist Tamika Katzins, three-time top four coach Eddie · Sutton (Eddie Sutton) participated in the game, a total of 1,000 games champion Barbara Stevens (Barbara Stevens) and FIBA ??Secretary General Patrick Baumann (Patrick Baumann).

“I thank you,” Garnett said to Duncan from the stage. “Brother, you and Cobb, it’s an honor to walk into the hall with you.”

Duncan is true to his identity: humble and humble, one day his Spurs coach Gregg Popovich missed the game to show his worship.

Duncan said in his speech: “This is the most stressful moment in my life.” “From the final to the seventh game, this has officially become the most stressful moment in my life. I’m in the room all day, so let’s watch. See what you can get.”

2020 candidates, (LR) Rudy Tomjanovich, Kim Mulkey, Tim Duncan and Vanessa Bryant Group photo at the entrance ceremony of the 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

As usual, he grabbed the clutch.

Other speeches did not disappoint.

The Hall of Fame has a 10-minute countdown clock on the reminder, which speakers use to assist them in speaking. Catchings easily surpassed that moment, and after a few minutes of emotional speech, many of her challenges were covered.

Cages said: “Basketball chose me, a clumsy, lanky, introverted tomboy, born with hearing impairment, speech impairment, and the willingness to overcome obstacles, dream boldly and change the world.”

Muki talked about her roots. She came from a small town in Louisiana and later entered the Hall of Fame. She was surprised to find that Jordan introduced her to her position, and Jordan also played the same role for Kobe.

“Michael, I feel so honored,” Muki said. “I think the last time we were so close we were withdrawing from the ’84 Olympic Games. We look much younger and may be slimmer. This is a deep gratitude from my heart.”

Amazing achievement

The overall achievement of the Hall course is shocking.

Kobe, Garnett, Duncan and Catchtins played in 58 All-Star games. Mulkey, Tomjanovich, Sutton and Stevens together won more than 3,000 coaching championships. Bowman was widely praised for his efforts to add 3×3 basketball to the Olympics program.

“My life is better than my craziest dream.” Tomjanovich said in a low voice.

NBA championship, WNBA championship, national championship, Olympic gold medal, MVP awards, all classes have.

“We are members of the Hall of Fame,” Muki shouted. “We are the Hall of Fame.”

Although this is a celebration, it is also a memorial to the Hall of Fame lost since the last consecration in 2019. Three-time Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo performed “unbelievable” in their memory. The video clip played behind him included a message that former NBA commissioner David Stern had passed away, he was in 2020. He died on January 1, 2010, and Bryant died in a helicopter crash on January 26 of the same year. The helicopter crash also killed his daughter Gianna and seven others.

“I have always said that I want to be a player who does not waste time, does not waste a day, and lives every day, just like he is the twelfth person on the bench.” Video.

Bryant is not the only member to be followed. The same is true for Sutton and Baumann. Sutton’s son Sean Sutton conveyed the recorded message on behalf of his father. Bowman’s son Paul and daughter Bianca did the same thing for their father.

Bianca Baumann said: “Thank you very much for your honor and the opportunity to continue to carry forward his legacy.”

I look forward to rebuilding Minneapolis

Garnett also talked about inheritance, he owns one in Minnesota, and he still wants to keep one there. When he left the Timberwolves in 2007, they began to rebuild the franchise on a large scale. Now, after a year of struggling after George Floyd’s death in 2020, Minneapolis is imminent, and Garnett hopes to be part of another reconstruction.

Garnett said: “My only regret for Minnesota is that I didn’t win the championship.” “But like I said, I look forward to rebuilding Minneapolis.”

Stevens worked at Bentley University for most of her second career. She is the host of Hall of Famers Geno Auriemma and Muffin McGraw. They are the University of Notre Dame in Connecticut. Long-term opponent of many battles.

“How are you over there?” Stevens asked.

Everything is fine. Auriemma and McGraw seized the opportunity to be with Stevens, and like all the other winners who attended the conference, countless people would like to thank them.

Stevens said: “For my former players, many of them are present: in short, you are the reason why I am here tonight.” “My greatest honor is to be called you. coach.”

Next class

The calendar is now moved to the next class, which will be unveiled on Sunday in the Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the next entrance ceremony is scheduled for September 11.

Among the finalists: Rick Adelman, Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Ben Wallace, Chris Weber and Jay Wright. Bill Russell is still in the finals. This is his coach. This is the result of 46 years after he was selected as a player for Hall.

Like most Hall courses, many people in the next class can say that they overcome the doubters, just like many people in this class. Vanessa Bryant delivered a message on behalf of her husband to those who hinted that he would not be able to achieve his goals.

She said: “He proved you did it wrong.”

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