Coronavirus: Canada sends 500 ventilators to India

Coronavirus: Canada sends 500 ventilators to India


HALIFAX-India has received 500 Canadian-made ventilators from Ontario as the country is fighting a surge in deadly COVID-19 cases.

The spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arindam Bagchi, said in a tweet sent on Friday that it had received 500 ventilators from Ontario.

“Continue to work with our strategic partners. 500 ventilators have arrived from Canada. Thank you for the generous donation from the Ontario government of Canada,” He wrote in a tweet.

Support was provided after Canada promised to provide medical supplies to help India deal with its large number of infections. India has also received 25,000 bottles of the antiviral drug Remdesivir from a federal initiative, and also pledged US$10 million to help purchase key drugs. Medical supplies from Canada.

As of Friday, the number of recorded cases of COVID-19 infection in India has climbed to more than 24 million, although medical experts expect more actual cases.

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