San Diego – San Diego State University’s chief softball coach Kathy Van Wyk doesn’t think her team’s victory against Utah in late April will be more than a victory. Facts have proved that this is her 800th professional victory.

Less than a month later, Mountain West’s best coach ever decided to retire.

Van Wyk said: “I don’t call myself winning or losing.” “To be honest, it’s a bit puzzling. It’s like, each of us doesn’t win by ourselves. This is not my record. My staff is great. They recruited great men who won the game.”

With more than two decades of coaching training at SDSU, there are countless softball players coming and going, all of which mark Van Wyk’s career milestone.

So, what makes Van Wyk as successful as ever? The Michigan native admitted that she learned to be more compassionate to her players and build more personal relationships.

Junior softball player Taylor Adams said: “Even if you are, you can have a coach who has won a million victories, but not necessarily someone really cares about you outside of the game and outside of work.” “Coach.” A lot of time has been invested as men and women, not just what we produce in the fields.”

In addition to winning, Van Wyke stated that her focus is to ensure that her players leave school as good people.

She said: “We want to build good citizens.” “We want to help them grow into individuals and people, so when they are born, softball just helps them become stronger, able to fight there and have a part of a successful life. “

To further prove the importance of Van Wyk’s importance to building relationships, even though she said it was squeezing her in a small place, she invited her team to play at Christmas, all of which just showed them more about her Way of life.

From their first participation in the NCAA tournament to celebrating a career milestone… Van Wyke’s coaching career is full of long memories. She hopes that she can continue to grow.

Van Wyk’s final game will be Saturday when the Aztecs enter Fresno State.


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