(NEXSTAR)-Walt Disney World celebrates Armed Forces Day by highlighting the achievements of a very special veteran-no, not a role in one of the “Star Wars”.

To commemorate the celebrations on May 15, Disney Parks paid tribute to U.S. Navy veteran Alex Stromski, who not only enlisted in the army during World War II at the age of 17, but also in his He won the title of Lieutenant Commander in his career for decades. After retiring in 1967, Stromski became the annual pass holder for Disneyland and finally applied for a job in the park 45 years later.

Stromsky said: “I really like Walt’s respect for the army,” Disney Parks Blog postal. “I realized this was part of what I wanted to be, so I applied in 2013 and took a full-time job at Village Haus in Pinocchio.”

In addition to his personal profile on the Disney Parks blog, Stromsky recently assisted in a flag-raising ceremony in the “pre-dawn fog” of the Magic Kingdom. Since then, his services have been recognized by the park leaders. Stromski was described by Disney Parks as an “outgoing, daring hero”, and he was given a shadow box containing the flag that flew over Disney World the day before.

The head of Disney World Park honored U.S. Navy veteran Alex Stromsky at a flag-raising ceremony recently held in the Magic Kingdom. (Disney Park)

According to the blog post, Stromsky said: “I feel honored and humbled.”

Today, Stromski says that he finds he enjoys helping to “create” the experience he and his family have enjoyed in Disneyland over the years.

He said: “I especially like meeting with military families and veterans who visit us.”

In addition to commemorating Stromsky, Walt Disneyland also plans to hold a DoD warrior game at the ESPN Stadium World Stadium and welcome guests to further support military personnel and veterans. 2021 Veterans Academy Summit Hold workshops on recruiting, hiring and training veterans and military spouses.


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