UK Live Weather-Alluvial forecast this weekend, as the US Bureau of Meteorology warns Britons will experience more wet weather for the rest of the month

Consumers with colds and fevers

Attacked by pollen bombs triggered by storms and downpours, the British suffered millions of hay fever this week.

The circulation of tree pollen is high throughout the country, especially in the south.

In the next few days, Britain will be hit by heavy rains, and the Metropolitan Office reminds people today that it is not just warm temperatures that cause pollen levels to soar.

Experts say that pollen levels may be high even after rain.

“Any rainfall will significantly reduce the concentration of pollen in the air, but the time and amount of rain during the day are very important.

“In the early days, heavy rains and prolonged rains are likely to keep the rainfall low throughout the day, while the rain in the afternoon has less impact.

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