The Philadelphia Foundation donated $1 million through Facebook to establish a fund for a black-led non-profit organization

The Philadelphia Foundation created a fund to strengthen A non-profit organization led by black people, serving the black communities in the area.

The Black Community Leadership Fund will be based on Facebook’s $1 million donation, which Facebook has selected as one of 20 regional partners in its $20 million “Support for the Black Community” program.

“We will provide funding directly to the Philadelphia Foundation to build its track record of supporting black-led non-profit organizations and to ensure that locals make decisions where the money is most needed and has the greatest impact.” Say Marcy Scott Lynn, Director of Facebook’s Global Impact Partners.

fund The foundation stated that it will increase to $5 million through additional private, foundation and corporate donations. It will provide selected non-profit organizations with the necessary support to strengthen their leadership, operations, finances and infrastructure.

A Philadelphia native said that black-led non-profit organizations in Philadelphia have fewer financial networks than white-led organizations report Provided by the Philadelphia African American Leadership Forum, partially funded by the Philadelphia Foundation. They also have fewer employees, fewer cash reserves, and are more dependent on government subsidies.

These factors make non-profit organizations headed by Black more vulnerable to economic recession and government changes.

Pedro A. Ramos, Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia Foundation, said: “Through this dedicated effort, we hope to raise awareness and invest in the key role played by efficient black organizations in the black community. Because of the importance of its resilience and leadership.” “The Philadelphia Foundation has been supporting many important community organizations for a long time, and with Facebook’s timely funding and some additional inaugural supporters, we have the opportunity to further and more Promote this development quickly.”

Black-led non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area can Online application Grants range from US$5,000 to US$10,000. The subsidy will be considered on a rolling basis for the remainder of the year.

Non-profit organizations must provide financial data for one year and be located in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Philadelphia counties. Nonprofit organizations in Burlington County or Camden County, New Jersey are also eligible.

The Philadelphia Foundation will allocate $500,000 from its discretionary fund and $100,000 from its S. Albert fund. The Barra Foundation will also donate US$200,000 in the next two years.

Last year, Facebook pledged to donate $100 million to benefit black-owned small businesses, black creators, and non-profit organizations. Black content creators will receive $25 million. The remaining $75 million will be used for businesses owned by blacks.

The social media company also pledged to provide 100,000 scholarships to black students who are committed to digital skills certification through its Facebook Blueprint Program. These scholarships are based on Facebook’s CodeFWD and TechPrep programs, which help underrepresented communities embark on computer programming.

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