Real-time observation: The 76ers won first place in the blowout game and defeated the Magic

The 76ers defeated the Orlando Magic 122-97 on Friday night, won the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, and won the advantage of the game until at least reaching the NBA Finals. Enter the playoffs.

This is what I see.


• This kind of performance by Seth Curry made him look very angry when he retreated to his cannonball and refused to shoot his open jumper. He has a lot of tricks on and off the ball, and often just let him use these tools. I think it’s easier said than done.

In any case, Curry has easily completed the work of Orlando’s various young and/or inferior perimeter players, throwing some evil boundaries at (obviously) vulnerable players. Curry turned a few tattered properties into storage buckets that were easier than their rights, helping to unlock the offensive methods that were needed long ago.

I have only written books on this effect many times this season, but you can get a good understanding of the team just by looking at how Curry works. When he plays with confidence and dribbles the ball, they are hard to beat. When he is in a passive state, the team can easily recover to the outside players after doubling the number of stars, which has a great impact on the offense.

Good curry came back on Friday night. It’s no accident that a good 76ers team.

• This is not an overwhelming performance by Ben Simmons, but I think he was the guy who helped him turn this game from a close (but not very intense) game into an easy win and a marginal victory for most of the second half. When Simmons joined the full-time player group at the beginning of the second quarter, Simmons’ transition was very good, which turned Philadelphia’s frequent stoppages against Orlando into an easy offense that they did not show in the half-time.

In the case of slow playoffs, Simmons’ ability to run them and accumulate transition points may not be important, but I think its quality may be underestimated during the long regular season. There is a difference between it being locked in a battle at a critical moment and gliding through a blowout at a moment when ball sports gradually weakens.

• This is Shake Milton’s stable and smooth performance. Orlando did not provide much resistance when Milton attacked or anyone else attacked, but he did his best to make some contributions. Sometimes, to have a good game, all you have to do is win an easy victory, not mess up other things.

Actually, almost Exactly What you want the head coach to do on the bench for a given night, unless they are senior scorers and you just want to keep shooting opportunities all the time. Milton has had problems finding the best position this season, which may be due to his own problems or the people on the floor around him. The more unstable he is, the more unstable the team overall.

• I just don’t see how to keep Tyrese Maxey out of the playoffs rotation. I understand that he has been doing well against a bad and injured team, and playing a rookie in the playoffs is always a good idea. And he did not perform well in Friday’s game against Orlando. But he is the guy who has awakened them from a coma many nights recently, and his on-ball energy may be an important part of the playoffs, even in the first few rounds.

The speed Maxey provides when he steps on the floor is irreplaceable. Even with Ben Simmons (Ben Simmons) is different, mainly because he used a lot more pace in the half than in the transition. Maxey changes hands or starts catching the ball without wasting time turning and exploding towards the basket.

On the defensive end, he appeared to have personally participated in the game against Cole Anthony, and he was not surprised after his peers surpassed him on the night of the 2020 draft. Stay on the floor of the playoffs.

• Furkan Korkmaz is an underrated part of the 76ers’ success, if only because he brought something that no one else has: sports shooting. Regardless of his position on the field, he must be tracked and closed tightly on the screen. This does not seem easy. Even if Kokmaz does not pass the game in the playoffs, he will be in the leg of the forced person. Put a little head up. Chase him.

• Mike Scott has experienced many well-deserved high temperatures this season. He still saw some Mo Bamba balls flying overhead on Friday night, but this was the most he had on both ends of the year. One of the good games. By all means, he is a semi-reliable rim protector against Orlando. He blocked multiple shots and has a better understanding of position than in all seasons.

In this way, the lens began to drop. He should never get a quarter of their game time on this team, and you might say he shouldn’t get their game time at all. But if there are no five people that Rivers trusts, he will do it for the time being.

• Did the 76ers win first place in the way they wanted to convince fans and analysts? of course not. Because the difficult schedule limits their exposure to high-level teams and players, do they have major doubts about the viability of their competitors? Yes it is. But in the end, the 76ers achieved their first important team goal. They are the first seed of the Eastern Conference, so they gave themselves the best chance to win the Eastern Conference.

Avoiding Brooklyn and/or Milwaukee in at least the first two rounds is an important trade. Miami may be afraid of the 76ers with their bullying behavior on Thursday, but if the Heat are the toughest draw they can get in the first two rounds, it will be much better than the others. We think that the Bucks/Nets series that we will enter the second round should be an ambiguous matter between two high-level teams. If the 76ers can simply take care of their business, they will take a little time to enter the total Reduce wear and tear in the finals and prepare to face who is next.

Although there were some bumps on the road, it is still a testimony of many people to arrive here. Joel Embiid’s MVP campaign came to the fore, but he got a better roster structure, necessary changes to the coaching staff, a large number of front-office employees, and a clear hierarchy (which allowed the role veterinarian to influence Locker room) for help. It still leaves room for the heavy lifter to own this team. Few people will rank them first before the start of the season. I think it is important to celebrate their achievements so far.

Now, the fun part begins, at least after they canceled Sunday’s ending.??? They can wear the target as a leader on their backs. This is a challenge they can and should accept.

Bad guy

• Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) almost immediately imposed his will in this game, but he faded quickly and didn’t seem interested in trying this game. Considering this situation, maybe this should be expected, but it’s a shame to see him rush to the finish line in his best season ever.

If this allows him to make the playoffs smoothly, then no one will care. To be fair, the big man did get a heavy blow on his dick in the first half. After that, I can’t blame anyone for quitting the game.

• Am I the only one who is a little worried that George Hill still looks dissatisfied in this lineup? I know that the rotation caused by injuries is chaotic, he retired due to injuries and long-term layoffs, and the team has not yet reached its best form. But even though I like the “little things” he added to the team, you still want him to become a more influential player.

They will have a lot of practice time next week, so he should be given enough time to fully participate in this group. If not, then no other reinforcements will come.


• You really can’t make up for these troubles-the sevens had a countdown to the serve during the half-time break, because someone had to explain it to me in the future. Public announcer Matt Cord did not try to solve the problem and restarted the game. Instead, he was forced to manually count down the clock, shout out the numbers 15 and 10, and then count down from 5 to 1 ( Although this is rare) necessary).

This is not a reflection of my feelings about Matt Cord’s work, because without him, the 76ers game would not be like the 76ers game, but it is hard to imagine a more annoying way to solve the clock failure. In South Philadelphia, the speakers have improved to a deafening level (even compared to other places in the league), and it seems to me that everyone has a 24-hour clock who yells many times. And I have a high tolerance for loud noises!

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