Pixar artists from national cities are die-hard Padres fans

California National City-Bobby Rubio (Bobby Rubio) grew up in the National City, he read comics and rooted for the priests. Then he started painting and led him on the path of his dream job as a story painter at the world-famous Dixar Animation Studios (Dixar Animation Studios).

In his spare time, he still watched Padres games-and then he painted important moments on the court.

“I paint very early, and Santiago has had a great influence on my entire career,” Rubio said.

Outside of work, he found himself looking at his beloved friar. A typical sketch takes about two hours. He started in the first round of the game and worked until something appeared. His sketches include some of the most memorable names and moments in the history of the team, including Fernando Tatis (Fernando Tatis Jr.), Tony Gwynn (Tony Gwynn) and Joe Musgrove (Joe Musgrove). Musgrove).

He said: “The town is waiting for big things to happen, and I will be there when things happen.” “I want people to know that I’ve been here. I’m not a casual person. No, I’ve been here.”

He has worked at Pixar for 14 years and recently Release of his directorial debut short film, “Floating.” This seven-minute movie is based on his relationship with Alex, his son on the autism spectrum, and uses floating as a metaphor to show a different child.

He said: “I want to tell this story, about a father who is accepting a different son.”

Since its release in February, it has accumulated more than 60 million views on YouTube.

He said: “It is overwhelming and thinks that it is healing the world and the people there.” “I keep receiving emails and notes from people all over the world. These short stories have affected their lives and moved. It’s me.”

Rubio now hopes to make his first goal in a Padres game one day. Until then, he plans to continue sketching his favorite baseball team.

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