Philadelphia’s main ballot includes questions about expanding permits and inspecting the review board

Philadelphia’s main ballot includes questions about expanding permits and inspecting the review board



In the primary election held on May 18, Philadelphia residents among all party members had four statewide questions and one ballot question to answer, especially questions related to the city: it asked for the expansion The city’s license and review committee.

The Permit and Inspection Review Committee hears appeals on decisions made by the Permit and Inspection Department and other matters. The purpose of expanding the review committee is to expedite the process of holding hearings on these appeals and to help clear the current backlog that has accumulated on the committee’s agenda during the pandemic.

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Philadelphia City Councilman Cherelle Parker Introduced the bill To increase the membership of the committee and make it promulgated, it is necessary to change the city’s “Local Self-Government Charter”, which is why it is voted on.not yet Public opponents This measure.

This is the exact wording of the Philadelphia voting question:

Should the Philadelphia Local Self-Government Charter be amended to provide an expanded permit inspection committee to be able to hear and decide cases in a three-person team?

This License and inspection committee review Help contractors, business and property owners, landlords and tenants comply with commercial safety standards, such as fire protection regulations and building inspections. It also heard calls for refusal to carry firearms permits and to revoke firearms permits.

The review committee is independent of the Licensing and Inspection Department and is under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Managing Director. Appeals can be filed in the ordinary courts of Philadelphia.

To hold a hearing, a quorum of board members must be present, which means that a majority of the six board members are required. According to the board of directors, there are currently two vacant positions on the board, which makes achieving a quorum a challenge and causes delays. Seventy Committee.

The pandemic caused these hearings to take place online, causing more delays.

Vote “yes” Regarding voting, it is in favor of expanding the committee to nine members and allowing them to decide cases in groups of three rather than a majority of all its members.

Vote “no” In favor of keeping the permit and inspection committee at its current size.


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