Kevin Cooney: To defend Joe Girardi (Joe Girardi), he is not ready to fill his seat now

You don’t have to be addicted to the call radio to hear disappointing news. After all, Philly fans may be a group of passionate people-they may also be a little tolerant.

They believe that Joe Girardi will be an anti-Gabe Kapler-reliable, reliable, solid, and not doing stupid things. With the actions of the Phillies manager this year, people can hear shaking their heads and complaining louder and louder.

At this point, not every move can be defended. Forgetting that your pitching coach went to the mound is a serious mistake. Although the manager will not fill out the lineup card in every game, but you do not know that the substitute players you have scored are still not listed, this is a very poor reflection.

However, Girardi was frustrated in some ways, which shows more of the lack of the Phillies lineup than the lack of wisdom of the team manager.

The game in Washington on Tuesday night saw the latest second guess. Girardi was criticized for giving Chase Anderson himself in the sixth inning. In the sixth inning, the Philadelphians filled up the base and no one was out. The game could have been broken. After all, it’s Chase Anderson-so why did you keep him in there?

No one scored in Philadelphia. Anderson went out of bounds on the left, Andrew McCutchen was out, Jean Segura flew to the center and ended the game.

Anderson started the game on about 75 pitches, then pitched a home run to Trea Turner, walked to Juan Soto, and sat on the bench under.

It’s not bad to manage, it’s just baseball. Play the exact same scene, with one exception-Anderson is pulled for pinching the batter (for example, Scott Kingery), and the Phillies did not score there. The latter is a releaser that allows Homer and the limitations of walking to begin-the cry is: “Why don’t you let Anderson go until he is done?”

However, this is what the manager has to deal with at the moment. The bench is very thin. The bullpen-although better-should not be confused with goodness. The fact that this team is hovering proves the weakness of the department, not the overall strength on the roster.

Again, this is not to say that it was a bumper year for Girardi. Obviously inconsistent with what happened. However, this means that his hands are now bound in many different ways.

Sometimes, managers may try to overcompensate for weaknesses in the roster. Like a batsman sinking into a low tide, he began to grind the bat handle into sawdust. I believe this is what is happening in Girardi now.

However, I also believe that he will get rid of this situation. This person did not become an idiot overnight. However, it must be realized that until the roster is improved, the manager may drive you a little crazy.

Let’s go to the phone. 215-592…

Touch all

• Phillies’ first home home Maximum capacity allowed Next month will be two weekend weekend games against the Yankees, which will surely win a place among New Yorkers who have no chance to re-enter the game, and this game is the team’s most successful team sport.

In the summer of successful success, the box office should be because the Phillies did not lose too many quality and attractive games because of their inability. The game against the Red Sox next weekend would have been very popular, when the capacity was “only” 16,000. The opening day was obviously a big draw, but it was missed. Despite this, there are still two series against the Warriors and three home games against the Nationals, as well as the Dodgers and Padres appearing in the heart of the summer.

Another thing to note: One of the biggest franchise attractions each year is “Fireworks Night”. For the pandemic, there are obviously no plans to avoid the massive crowding outside and inside the building. As tasks increase or relax, it’s fair to wonder if the Phillies have found a way to maintain this state-even later in the summer.

• Asked the National League scouts to understand the order that Phillies should prioritize before the trade deadline. The Scout said: “A back-end pitcher replaced Matt Moore, and more reliable.” It seems surprising that these two men lead the midfield. He continued: “They can’t solve all the problems in a year.”

• One thing to keep in mind when you hear “COVID-19 IL” like JT Realmuto appear-it does not mean that the player has contracted or has a disease. It probably means one of two other things. First of all, players may have side effects due to vaccinations, and actions on the roster can be quickly replaced. The second possibility is that any symptoms of COVID-fever, stomach upset, etc.-may be related to any non-COVID-19 symptoms. The team and Major League Baseball must be very cautious, especially when the player is on the road, in case it is in the club. Therefore, whenever this word appears, one should take a deep breath.

• Honors of the Phillies Broadcasting Team – Scott Franzke, Kevin Frandsen, Tom McCarthy, John Kruk, Ben. Ben Davis and Ruben Amaro Jr.-In the past 90 games or so, they have been forced to work remotely without actually giving any instructions. This is a struggle. I know it’s a fashion to complain about everything on Twitter, but please do yourself a favor and watch or listen to other broadcasts. Phillies fans are really lucky to have these guys.

Next week

The Phillies headed to Dunedin to face the Blue Jays, who have spent most of their time since mid-February in a sleepy town next to Clearwater and had to prepare to leave the Gulf Coast. (With Vince Velasquez on the slopes of Philadelphia, Toronto entered the first game of the series as the highest odds of +150 for BetMGM. According to Pickswise)

Afterwards, the Phillies returned home and faced the Marlins and Red Sox at Civic Bank Park. The Boston series will be interesting because they quickly entered the Eastern Conference competition with the help of manager league Alex Cora.

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