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Israel says yes Deployed ground forces After several days of continuous bombing against Palestinian militant groups, the group launched an attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The group launched more than 1,500 rockets into the Jewish state.

According to the country’s health officials, Israel launched an air strike in Gaza this week, killing 103 Palestinians, including 38 women and children. Hamas fired rockets into the depths of Israel, killing seven Israelis, including a soldier and a child.

The deployment of ground forces marked a serious escalation of the conflict and increased the possibility of an Israeli invasion, which was the first invasion since the hostilities in 2014, killing 2,000 Palestinians and 72 Israelis.Joe Biden’s Prudent approach Israel will also be tested by violence.

The Israeli army has been worried that Hamas has spent years building a Critical mass of weapon. Since the militant group took control of the zone in 2007, the two sides have fought three wars.

Violence between Israeli Jews and a few Israeli Arabs Also broke out A domestic front was opened in several Israeli towns. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to use “force, powerful force” to quell the unrest.

Coronavirus digestion

  • More than a quarter of adults I Means they are Unlikely to be vaccinated According to the Eurofund survey, against Covid-19.

  • United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to rule out the possibility Local lock Stop a variant found in India.almost 5 million people Waiting for non-emergency National Health Service treatment.

  • Extend the interval between doses BioNTech/Pfizer Vaccine from Three to twelve weeks According to a British study, the drug can enhance the antibody response of the elderly.

  • This we CDC says Fully vaccinated Americans In most cases, it is not necessary to wear a mask.Officials are issuing free MetroCards and lottery tickets to Encourage vaccination.

  • Organizer COP26 The Climate Summit is exploring a special vaccination plan to ensure that the meeting can Face to face communication in November.

  • More Lost 60 million jobs inside Travel and tourism The industry shrank by one-fifth last year. But Brian Chesky Airbnb The CEO predicts, “Century Travel ReboundThe company reported encouraging revenue for the first quarter.

  • The pandemic is threatening Rock climbing industry Essential to Nepal.

  • Cuba Two vaccines have been used Domestic lens -Before they obtain full regulatory approval.

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In the news

Hedge funds want to use corporate transactions As the economy reopens, the goal of hedge funds is to profit from the surge in trading volume. Merger arbitrage fund, used to buy the target stock of the merger and pledge with the acquirer, Increased by 7.7% The first four months of 2021 are in sharp contrast to the market turmoil driven by the coronavirus last spring.

David Cameron defends Greenhill lobby The former prime minister has Defense lobbying The British minister and official representative, Greensill Capital, insisted that this is good for the economy, rather than preserving the value of the stock options of his supply chain finance company that went bankrupt in March. “Your reputation is now Fragmented, Mr. Cameron,” said Labor MP Rushanara Ali.

Alibaba’s first loss since its listing China E-commerce Group reports Net loss of US$836 millionThis is the first quarterly loss since its public listing in the United States six years ago.Last month, Chinese regulators launched a levy A record $2.8 billion antitrust fine Put pressure on Jack Ma’s group, which put pressure on the company’s revenue.

Russia gets permission to file a $6 billion divorce lawsuit in London The appeal court overturned a lower ruling and ruled that the ex-wife of one of the richest people in Russia can take her. $6 billion divorce petition In London, it has consolidated London’s position as a global center for such litigation.

Vladimir Potanin (Vladimir Potanin) and Natalia Potanina (Natalia Potanina).The couple divorced in Russia in 2014

Vladimir Potanin has left. He is rumored to have a fortune of $20 billion and a controlling stake in Norilsk, one of the world’s largest nickel and palladium producers. He and Natalia Potanina were confronted and divorced in Russia in 2014 ©SPUTNIK / Alamy

McDonald’s raises U.S. wages fast food chain Plan to increase wages As the company strives to fill vacancies, the average ratio of its more than 36,500 employees is 10%.Companies across the U.S. are facing Labor shortage, Even after the downturn triggered by the pandemic, millions of people are still unemployed.

Argentina buys time to repay debt Argentina’s 38-year-old Finance Minister Martin Guzmán will tour several European capitals with President Alberto Fernández this week to appeal to 22 countries (including the United States, Japan, France and Germany) “Paris Club” Delay in repayment of US$2.4 billion in debt The expiration date is May 30.

Netflix is ??overtaken by the old media The latest quarterly performance of media companies has made industry disruptors the role of defensive veteran companies. Netflix added Less than 4 million subscribers The first three months did not meet expectations globally, while rivals Disney, HBO and ViacomCBS’s streaming media services all grew faster.

One day in the future

N Irish political party vote Northern Ireland Democratic Union Party will Pick a leader today Following the fall of Arlene Foster last month-largely due to the political influence of the Northern Ireland Agreement.Boris Johnson will also meet His counterpart in the Republic of Ireland, Taoiseach Micheál Martin (Taoiseach Micheál Martin)

Northern Ireland’s first minister, Arlene Foster, was removed last month

The dramatic removal of Northern Ireland’s first minister, Arlene Foster, will deepen Stormont’s disagreements. Issues involved include customs borders in the Irish Sea and the use of the Irish language ©Phil Noble / Reuters

Economic data we Work figures May suppress inflationary tensions, but rising consumer prices still remain high on the list of concerns.Industrial production is expected progress In April. (“Financial Times”, “Wall Street Journal”)

income Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Corporation, Mizuho Financial Corporation, International Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Foxconn, Honda Motor, Toshiba and Hargreaves Lansdown report.

What are we still reading

How the super-rich soak up Covid-19 cash With the spread of the virus, the central bank injected US$9 billion into the global economy to maintain the stable development of the global economy. Much of this stimulus went to the financial markets, and from there into the net worth of the ultra-rich. Ruchir Sharma chart The rise of “good” and “bad” billionaires all around the world.

Pandemic stimulus makes the richest people in the world richer

The pandemic stimulus makes the richest people in the world richer ©Bill Butcher

Ian Osborne: The mysterious Spac man When a technology financier invests in a company, the executive must agree to an unusual clause: Don’t talk about it without his permission. This strategy helped Ian Osborne and his company Hedosophia Fly under the radar Even if he established a venture capital business worth 1.5 billion US dollars, involving high-profile investment and acquisition offers.

English to French The two countries are actually GDP twins, with absurd over-centralization and declining nationalism. The deeper problem is that Britain and France have opposite worldviews. Simon Kuper wrote: Britain is a complacent society, while France is an apocalyptic society.

Simon Kuper:

Simon Kuper: “The decline in global ranks after the war in England did not produce revelatory ideas, but rejectionism” © Harry Haysom

Can you really change your personality? When we leave school, move house, get hobbies and friends, get jobs, become parents and experience love and loss, the possibility that we may change over the years is difficult to grasp. But we did it, we will do it. Tim Harford’s three secrets of self-change.

Relaxation: The children of the trust fund are not taking over the world Middle-class families are plagued by contradictions, Chris Giles wrote. They want to spend time, money and energy to help their children succeed, and at the same time worry about a society that is distorted by inheritance. But the evidence does not show that they are heading for a future dominated by unearned wealth.

Podcast of the day

Middle East crisis Gideon Rachman talks with Palestinian lawyer Diana Butto and Jerusalem-based journalist Noga Tarnopolsky Political conditions It sparked the worst fighting in the region in years.

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