Desperate to see his dying mother, a bus driver pleaded.The response surprised him

Aaron Wylie learned two things during two exciting days this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, he learned that his mother had advanced liver disease. By Wednesday morning, he learned that if you call for help desperately, the seaman will answer the call in spades.

Wylie’s mother Sandra was sick for a while.

But when he talked to her on the phone on Tuesday, he learned that the situation was worse than he thought. She told him that the doctor had given her two to four months of life.

He said: “I am ruined.”

Wylie is a transit bus driver in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since Christmas 2019, his mother has not lived in St. John’s. Under current travel restrictions, he cannot enter New Brunswick even if he is compassionate, unless he is compassionate, unless he is prepared to quarantine for 14 days.

He said: “I have spent the entire holiday, so I can’t afford it.”

However, truck drivers are considered essential workers and can enter the province. Wylie happens to have his Class 1 license.

Hail Mary Pass

So, on Tuesday night, he threw a “Hail Mary” pass on Kijiji, an online classified ad site.

“I know this is a weird request, but I am looking for a first-class position. I have vacations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and I work full-time at Halifax Transit. I am looking for a route that can run Halifax to St. John. …I am willing to drive for free!

“My mother was diagnosed with advanced liver failure and has two months to live to this day (May 11). I cannot cross the NS border.”

He signed it with his phone number and email address.

Wylie said: “I really don’t think I will get too many responses.”

He was wrong.

I was just blown away. These are people I don’t even know.-Aaron Wylie

Almost immediately, his phone rang for help. Someone posted the news to Facebook, where it was shared more than 5,000 times, and the call volume soared further.

Wylie said that by Wednesday morning, he had to write down Kijiji’s posts and turn off the phone’s ringtone because he could not keep up with the phone and he had been working hard to read the hundreds of text messages and emails he received.

Provide liver donation

In an interview on Thursday, Wylie was full of emotion when it came to some of the responses he received.

One person offered to be tested to see if they would become viable liver donors.

Another person offered to send money to help his parents go out.

Many people offered him his job on the trucking route in New Brunswick, although everyone insisted on paying for his work.

“I was just blown away,” he said and stopped. “I don’t know these people.”

Wylie, the bus driver of the Halifax Transit, also has a level 1 license. (Robert Short/CBC)

Determined to do everything according to the rules

Wylie said that he has accepted two of the proposals, including the haulage of a route from Halifax to St. John’s for Hayden Agencies Ltd. in Dartmouth. .

Now he turned his attention to knowing exactly the conditions that must be met to visit his mother.

He also made an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination next week and will conduct rapid testing for the virus before and after the trip.

He said: “I don’t want anyone to take a risk.” “I want to make sure that everything meets public health guidelines.”

On Thursday, the Department of Public Health did not immediately respond to a request from CBC News to obtain more information about the rules for truck drivers to enter New Brunswick.

But according to the New Brunswick government website, ordinary commuters to work must restrict their activities to work outside their home country. All commuters in and out of New Brunswick must be tested negative for COVID-19 every week.

However, this situation changes every day.

On Monday, the province has entered the yellow phase of restrictions, and vaccination is being carried out step by step, and exceptions have been made according to specific circumstances.

In the next few weeks, as he carefully studies the rules and elaborates on the details, Wylie’s travel plans will “surface”.

He said that one thing is completely certain: there are hundreds of good people there.

Willie said: “This is an overwhelming response, but also an emotional response.” “I wish I could get there, but whether I want it or not, [heartwarming] Know that there is support there. “

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