Arrested, the identity of the victim was confirmed in the 2003 Dongxian cold case

Rancho San Diego, California-Nearly two decades after the body parts were found in the Rancho trash can in San Diego, the authorities said they have identified the victim and arrested a suspect who is believed to be related to the murder.

Detailed information about the development is expected to be shared by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department at 1 pm on Friday. The department said on Thursday that its homicide department used investigative genetic genealogy to resolve the case, noting that this is the first time the technology has been used locally to identify victims and was subsequently arrested.

The body’s location has never been publicly identified, and was found in a trash can in the Rancho residential area of ??San Diego off the Hilton Head Courthouse in 2003.

Retired Sheriff’s Department homicide detective Pete Carrillo told FOX 5 that a certain percentage of people “feel very comfortable. They can live in a murdered community. They feel like they are.”

“But the technology is getting better, and the detective is getting better,” Carrillo said. “Their time is up. There will be justice.”

Carrillo said that the process of genetic genealogy has become common people discover more about their families. It also creates important links that can be used by law enforcement agencies.

He said: “They may take samples from the remains and freeze them for future use.” “Decades have passed, and the technology has become better and better. We are able to obtain a complete DNA profile of tiny microscopic samples.”

The cold situation is only for a reason: For years, there have been more questions than answers, but Carrillo said the work has never really ended.

He said: “Even if there are 100 cases, prioritize them in terms of resolvability and work with the case with the best evidence first.” “You reduce to the last one. You just don’t give up.”

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