After allegations of sexual misconduct, the military replaced another senior official

After the former commander, Admiral Hayden Edmundson, left earlier this year for alleged sexual assault and misconduct, the Canadian military appointed another senior officer in charge of personnel command.

The acting head of the Secretary of Defense announced the news on Friday as part of a broader adjustment of senior personnel. Part of the reason for this change is the ongoing crisis of sexual misconduct, which has caused the agency to suffer losses and left many major commands to the “acting” commanders.

Lieutenant General Steve Whelan (Let.-Gen.Steve Whelan) was promoted to commander-in-chief and chief of military staff, and permanently replaced Edmundson.

Edmundson took about six weeks of paid leave, while the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service investigated the rape allegation, which dates back to the 1991 Royal Canadian Navy. Pile of suspected incidents.

Stéphanie Viau, a retired leading seaman, said that Edmundson showed herself to her on board several times during a naval exercise abroad. She said that his behavior escalated, and he raped her when the ship was anchored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Edmundson denied the allegations and said that he never “has sex with anyone…without mutual consent.”

Watch | Stéphanie Viau shared her story about sexual assault:

Viau said that Admiral Haydn Edmundson’s misconduct was escalated into the rape of the HMCS Provider decades ago 9:17

DND reviews requests for police investigation

Vio said that she hopes that the police will investigate her case because she no longer trusts the military police after the sexual assault occurred in advance.

The Ministry of Defense stated that it has been looking for other investigation options. If Viau’s case is transferred to the Royal Mounted Police or other police forces, it will set a precedent for future sexual assault cases in the armed forces.

“This is a delicate matter that we take very seriously, so we need to take some time to ensure that all options are explored while respecting the integrity of the investigation process, the wishes of the victims, the military justice system and the jurisdiction of other police forces.” A statement to CBC News said.

Jody Thomas, the deputy minister of the department, called the Vio case a complicated historical event. She said that the provost in charge of the military police is “working hard to study how to provide support to Ms. Vio.”

Thomas said at a press conference on April 29: “What we have to do is to be able to do the right thing so that justice can be done.”

“It looks like it is under investigation now.”

DND said there are no plans for Edmundson to return to work.

Whelan will serve as deputy major general. The respected Air Force officer Lise Bourgon (Lise Bourgon).

The announcement formalizes the key appointments for the number of senior women

An obvious omission on the list of Director-General and Flag Officer released today is the lack of mention of the status of General Wayne Ayer. After the current Secretary of Defense General Art McDonald voluntarily resigned in February, Eyre assumed the post of top military commander. He was previously informed that he was under investigation by the military police for sexual misconduct.

Brigadier General José Kurz, who recently commanded the NATO task force, will take over as the commander of the Royal Military Academy. (Mike Den Baker/Canada Press)

Eyre is still the leader of the “agent”, and the head of army continues to be represented by an agent. Michel-Henri St-Louis (Michel-Henri St-Louis), commanded the last Canadian combat team in Kandahar.

Today’s announcement also officially announced the promotion and appointment of some senior women to key positions in the army.

With the appointment of a lieutenant. After Jennie Carignan assumes the newly established position of character and professional leader, the military officially announced today that Brigadier General Joee Kurtz, who recently commanded the NATO task force, will take over as the Royal Military The commander of the academy.

Many survivors and sexual assault experts cited this culture at the Military Academy in Kingston, Ontario. And St-Jean of Que. Is the main factor leading to the crisis of misconduct.

At the same time, Major General Nancy Tremblay was appointed to a new temporary position as the Chief Materiel Program, which was part of the team that purchased military equipment.

And Lieutenant General Jocelyn Paul (Jocelyn Paul) was promoted to NATO Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces Headquarters in Naples. Paul is also a former member of the Kandahar Fighting Group and is the highest-ranked indigenous member of the army.

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