4 neighborhoods in southern Philadelphia attract home buyers

South Philadelphia is home to many historic neighborhoods, where there are multi-storey houses, adjacent to new construction, waiting for Philadelphia residents to find life south of the central city.

The Lenape land, originally acquired by William Penn, eventually developed into one of the world’s largest shipping and trade centers. In 1854, the city government merged the area into Philadelphia. Over time, many Irish, African Americans, Italians, Poles and other immigrants came to settle in South Philadelphia, and the foundations of these cultures are now active in these areas.

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A list of the most searched communities in South Philly was compiled.

Passyunk Square

If the Phillies wandered south from the central city, they would eventually pass by Little Saigon and find themselves in Passyunk Square.

The exterior walls of many houses are made of bricks, and there is a backyard space for the homeowner to rest after a day’s work. Buyers like this neighborhood because it commutes to West Philadelphia and Central City, so it borders South Broad Street to the west, Washington Avenue to the north, 6th street to the east and Tasker Street to the south.

Passyunk has a place in the hearts of many local residents and tourists because it is the birthplace of the famous Philadelphia cheese steak. In the 1930s, Pat’s King of Steaks introduced the restaurant until Geno’s Steaks opened a shop on the opposite side of East Passyunk Avenue, and the restaurant owner began to rule.

In addition to cheese steaks, Philadelphia residents can also find many boutiques, restaurants, and other shopping venues along the East Passyunk Avenue shopping corridor that runs through the entire community. Community explorers can also find some fine Italian food at the Italian market in the north and the deli on 9th Street.

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Girard Manor

If aspiring home buyers explore southwest Philadelphia, they will find Girard Estates located between I-76 and Passyunk Avenue. Part of the film was shot in the 2300 block of South Lambert Street, and Rocky Balboa fans will immediately recognize the name.

The name Girard Estates comes from 481 rental houses built between 1906 and 1916, including the original Girard Estates. These houses have colonial revival, missionary and bungalow-style houses, giving the block a distinct curb charm, which is different from the common row house-style buildings in Philadelphia.

In the 1950s, private buyers were allowed to purchase real estate, and the house sold out within two years. However, if diligent home buyers pay close attention to the market, they can still find listings from time to time.

Girard Manor attracts many Philadelphians who are interested in historic buildings, but shoppers will love the neighborhood because Quartermaster Plaza is located in the southern part of the district, where buyers can find large retailers.

Like most neighborhoods in South Philadelphia, SQ Philip’s Steaks provides residents with a place to frequent cheese steaks.

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Grace Ferry

If Philadelphia residents roam northwest from Girard Estates, they will find Grays Ferry by the river. The owner of Grays Ferry is located on the edge of the Schuylkill River, and there are various parks just a stone’s throw from the waterfront.

Established in the 1700s, Grays Ferry hosted three ferry terminals that took residents from Schuylkill to Philadelphia. Some schools and recreational buildings in the area are so old that they have been included in the National Register of Historic Places.

After leaving the ferry terminal, Grays Ferry became part of the Schuylkill River Trail. Residents can wander around the water or watch skateboards. At the Grace Ferry Skate Park next to the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge (Grays Ferry Skatepark) Surfing. Every year, the local community organizes the Odunde Festival, where local residents celebrate the African diaspora through food, dance, historical costumes and costumes.

The community is located to the south of the University of Pennsylvania, and the University Avenue Bridge brings residents into the University City. I-76 also provides commuters with a convenient passage to the west of the central city.

Buyers heading to the Grays Ferry will find that many two-story brick row houses are located on tree-lined streets and there are new building options.

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On the east side of South Philly, community explorers will find Pennsport situated along the vast Delaware River.

The area was eye-catching in the 1800s, when shipyards used the docks to build fleets of merchant ships and warships. Dockers settled in nearby areas, and today, buyers can still find houses built in 1815. These brick row houses are located by the water, separated from the I-95 overpass.

Residents can travel along the Delaware River Trail and wander in the park at Pier 68 to enjoy the scenery of passing ships. Locals can also shop at Walmart behind the Columbus Crossing Shopping Mall park on Tasker Street.

Despite the splendid waterfront scenery, many Philadelphia residents head to Pennsport to Irish-themed bars and restaurants, which are all over South 2nd Street, commonly known as “Two Streets.” There are many places in the area to shop, dine and watch the performing arts of the local performance club, which is an exercise in Mummers Parade. Music performers known as mummies are members of these clubs and participate in the mummy parade over 100 years old each year, which usually runs along Broad Street or Market Street in the city center.

Although mummies can be seen, many Philadelphia locals have moved to Pennsport to develop a vibrant coffee and food culture, attracting locals to cafes like Grindcore House, Cake and Joe, and Gooey Looies.

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