Wildwood Crest bans smoking on the beach and imposes restrictions on the use of marijuana

If you plan to travel to the beaches of Wildwood Crest this summer, put your cigarettes and cigars in your car. Maybe keep any cannabis products at home.

Cape May County District Council Three laws passed on Wednesday Smoking on the beach is prohibited, and the use and distribution of marijuana in popular Jersey Shore destinations are restricted.

According to the ordinance, the ordinance was originally proposed last month and passed the committee with a 2-1 vote. Cape May County Herald. After a second reading of the proposed regulations and public comment, a vote was taken on Wednesday.

Don Cabrera, Mayor of Wildwood Crest, said: “The goal is to keep the beaches and ocean clean, and most importantly, to maintain your lungs and overall health. Wrote in a Facebook post. “Thanks for your cooperation.”

Residents and visitors of Wildwood Peak are now prohibited from using cannabis products in public places such as parks and recreational areas. In addition, all cannabis establishments, distributors and delivery services are banned in the municipality area.

With the arrival of the summer beach season on the Jersey Shore, the new restrictions will take effect on June 7.

Governor Phil Murphy The state’s smoking ban law was expanded in July 2018 Including any public beaches. For people who smoke on the beaches of New Jersey, the fine for the first offense is $250 and the fine for the first offense is $1,000.

But the revised law contains a clause that allows the city government to pass a decree that the designated area shall not exceed 15% of its total beach smoking area. The area must be indicated by a sign.

Since 2019, Wildwood Crest has provided designated smoking areas on the beach. These locations are located at the back of the borough’s beach and have containers for storing cigarette butts and cigar butts to avoid littering. According to NJ.com. A warning will be issued to people who smoke outside the designated area. Law enforcement is carried out by the police, not the lifeguard.

Now, the entire beach will be smoke-free.

On the beaches of the Jersey Shore, smoking has almost been banned because many towns have implemented their own local bans.These include the neighbors of Wildwood Crest, Wildwood and North Wildwood, and Ocean City.

Murphy Sign three bills into law In February, the state legalized and legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults. New Jersey is one of 13 states that legalized marijuana for adults 21 and older.

After about two-thirds of New Jersey residents went through a long and repeated state legislature for more than three months, legalization Vote yes A referendum held in the election in November last year. After several failed legislative efforts in the past few years, the referendum was successful.

Smoking is still prohibited in many public places.According to certain patients, the consumption of medical marijuana in certain public places is allowed, but not beaches NJ.com.

The details of establishing a legal weed market are still in the works. So far, it is technically illegal to buy and sell recreational marijuana. State officials must formulate regulations and grant permits to establish a new legal market-meaning that it will not be possible for residents to enter pharmacies and buy weeds until 2022.

But the new marijuana legislation gave the municipality 180 days to restore its ban on marijuana sales at the local level.Some cities in the state ban the sale and cultivation of marijuana in their towns, including Ocean City And Somers Point.

The Ocean City Ordinance was proposed in March, City Council unanimously passed in April After a public hearing on the matter.

The new measures replace the Ocean City ban on marijuana passed in 2019. After New Jersey legalized adult use of marijuana and cancelled criminal convictions, the original restrictions were invalidated.

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