TrustSwap hosted six token products in 32 days; raised $2.4 million for Sekuriance»CryptoNinjas

TrustSwap, a full-service crypto asset ecosystem, recently used its Launchpad service to help digital asset compliance and anti-fraud solution Sekuritance raise its token issuance hard cap of 2.4 million US dollars, and its oversubscription was as high as 11.25 million US dollars. .

In addition, Sekuritance will work with TrustSwap to ensure that its community can safely conduct transactions without worrying about participants or team members having a negative impact on the market after the issuance. The Uniswap pool will be created on May 13, 2021 and can start trading with SKRT in the Sekuritance network.

“It turns out that Sekuritance KYC technology is a powerful technology integration of TrustSwap, and we look forward to continuing to support every step of their project. This project showcases the capabilities of our Launchpad platform. By choosing only the most promising and exciting in this space Working together on projects, we are strengthening the TrustSwap ecosystem.”
-Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap

Safety Is one of six The Launchpad project TrustSwap will be implemented in more than a month.

Recent and upcoming TrustSwap Launchpad projects include:

  • fund – April 30
    • Polkadot-based decentralized hedge fund and lending platform dFund announced a partnership with TrustSwap to launch its $DFND token product.
  • Token place – May 13
    • Tokenplace provides an overall dashboard view for storing, trading, exchanging and withdrawing cryptocurrencies, thereby creating the ultimate user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • rate of return – May 21
    • YIELDLY is the first IDO project on the Algorand blockchain, providing three DeFi services: (1) No-loss prize game (2) Multi-asset mortgage and (3) Cross-chain exchange.
  • carbon – May 26
    • Carbon is a digital wallet that integrates financial services into Web 3.0, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse, and allows NFTs to be held and traded in the form of art, designed to act as an ecosystem to enhance creativity. 20% of the revenue generated by the market will be allocated to the creative community as fund-related activities (such as exhibitions or fashion collections).
  • Ledger – May 31
    • LedgerScore is a set of financial products that enable users to easily create personal or corporate encrypted profiles using patent-pending technology that can aggregate data from cryptocurrency transactions.

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