The latest news from Israel-Hamas “invaded from military plans” launched 1,600 rockets to Gaza due to fear of war

How was Israel formed?

Between 1896 and 1948, tens of thousands of Jews settled in Palestine, which was controlled by Britain at the time, from Europe, including a large number of Jews who were forced to leave Europe during the war. massacre,Explanation Vaux.

The dilemma faced by British politicians after the war was that Britain made too many promises to too many different interests. Warwick University.

The British had promised the Arabs that Palestine would enter their jurisdiction, but at the same time, they had promised the Jewish national residence to the Jews.

She added that, therefore, the government has an obligation to the people of both countries when a compromise is needed, a compromise that does not satisfy anyone, she added.

Vaux wrote: “Many Arabs regard the influx of Jews as a European colonial movement, and the two peoples fought hard.

“The British cannot control the violence. In 1947, the United Nations voted to divide the land into two countries.”

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