The crowd at Citizens Bank Park will resume the Phillies game in June

Starting next month, the Phillies will be allowed to accommodate any number of game fans for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team said that since the Philadelphians receive the New York Yankees in South Philadelphia on June 12, Citizens Bank Park will be open to everyone. Thursday. Trailing is allowed in the parking lot around the stadium.

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But before the Phillies relax all COVID-19 passenger capacity restrictions, the team will play against the Boston Red Sox on May 21, increasing the current occupancy limit from 11,000 fans to 16,000 spectators.

Fans who want to expand their social space can still use a limited number of sections to increase social distance. When you are not eating or drinking, you still need to cover your face mask.

The ticket is Games released until June 10. Tickets for all remaining games of the season will be available from May 25th.

Since September 2019, the Phillies have never been to the court again.Citizens Bank Park can accommodate 43,647 fans, but the team is only allowed 25% occupancy rate allowed since early April.

David Barker, executive vice president of Philadelphia, said: “In Philadelphia, this is a very exciting time because we are beginning to return to a certain normal.” “Nothing can bring more energy and enthusiasm to Citizens Bank Park by Philly fans. Okay. We look forward to welcoming more fans back to enjoy the stadium experience.”

Philadelphia announced that it would announce the Phillies two days ago End its COVID-19 restrictions in two stages.

The city will take an intermediate step on May 21, when fixed outdoor seating venues and indoor gathering places will be allowed to increase to 50%. All Philly restrictions on COVID-19, including capacity restrictions on outdoor and indoor venues for sports events and concerts, will end on June 11.

The city’s mask requirements are still valid, but the social distancing requirements will be reduced from six feet to three feet.

In the next few weeks, the Phillies are not the only professional sports team in the area to relax capacity restrictions.

Starting on May 21, as the team begins the first round of the NBA playoffs, the 76ers will increase the occupancy rate at the Wells Fargo Center to 50%. If the 76ers are still alive in the playoffs, the team will reopen to the full crowd on June 11.

Since March 2020 (before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic), the 76ers have never participated in the game again. The Wells Fargo Center can accommodate 20,155 spectators, but since the beginning of April, it has only been allowed to operate at a rate of 20%.

Chris Heck, President of Sixers Business Operations, said: “Our fans have created the most enthusiastic and intense atmosphere in the NBA, which gives our players the home court advantage that our players can enjoy in the playoffs.” “We hope this is just the beginning. And look forward to welcoming more fans throughout the playoffs.”

The Alliance will reopen to Chester’s Subaru Park from June 23 to accommodate all visitors.

Fans must continue to wear masks unless they eat or drink. For fans who want more space, certain parts of the content will maintain social distancing.

Group and single game tickets and suite tickets will be open to the public from May 21st. The experience is contactless: only mobile tickets and parking permits are provided, and only debit or credit cards can be used to purchase discounts.

Since October 2019, the league has never played in front of a full stadium.

Philadelphia League President Tim McDermott said: “The Philadelphia League fans are the backbone of the organization. We can’t wait to welcome all the fans and the power they bring.” Say. “The cheers, energy, and dedication brought by our fans and Benson are incredible. It definitely inspired our team. We are very excited about the time that Philadelphia fans have been waiting for more than a year.”

Pennsylvania announced that it will precede the alliance announcement Relax all its COVID-19 restrictions on May 31, Including all capacity restrictions for sports events and concerts in outdoor and indoor venues.

Since Pennsylvania, the occupancy rate for indoor events is limited to 25%, and the occupancy rate for outdoor gatherings is limited to 50% Early April.

Starting Monday, the capacity limit will be Indoor gatherings increased to 50%, outdoor activities increased to 75% Before all restrictions were lifted, Memorial Day.

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